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Inflated Costs Boost Costs to End Users as Trucking Companies are Hit Hard by Increased Taxes in Illinois

Drivers aren’t the only ones frustrated with the increase in the Illinois gas tax, trucking companies also fear this tax increase could cost them thousands.  Illinois lawmakers voted to increase the fuel tax, to pay for the $45 billion capital plan.That … Continue reading

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Illinois Capital Projects Plan All About Pork Barrel Projects Such as Dog Parks and Pickleball Courts, Not About Collapsing Bridges and Road Potholes

Pickleball courts, dog parks and grants for an arts program led by House Speaker Michael Madigan’s wife are on a lengthy list of lawmakers’ pet projects paid for by a massive gambling expansion and tax hikes on smoking and parking. … Continue reading

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Schiller Park, Where Are The Street Lights ? 💡💡💡

Where are the street lights in the 3800-3900  block of Denley Avenue in Schiller Park ?   So if you look closely, the Com Ed  street lights are located on the poles they are positioned to light the private apartment … Continue reading

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The Sochi Olympics are going to cost more than the last 13 Olympics combined

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