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Will 18 Billionaires Solve Illinois’ Financial Problems ? Governor Pritzker Has a Hidden Agenda To Increase Everyone’s Taxes !

After watching the numerous pro and con commercials for the proposed Amendment to the Illinois Constitution for the “Fair Tax Act”. The supporters of the Amendment argue that 97% of Illinois will pay the same or less taxes. The “Pro” … Continue reading

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Consider Voting “No” on Any Referendum The First Time It Is On The Ballot Whether It Is For A Municipality, Fire District, Park District, School District Or Other Government Initiative

A “NO” VOTE ON  A REFERENDUM MAYBE  A “YES” VOTE FOR THE MUNICIPALITY, PARK DISTRICT, FIRE DISTRICT,  SCHOOLS OR OTHER GOVERNMENTAL BODIES Here’s why: Voting NO returns the question to the Elected Governing  Board for reconsideration and much needed revision. … Continue reading

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Vote “YES” For Leyden Fire Protection District’s Referendum on March 20, 2018

For those that live in the Leyden Fire Protection District it is very important that you come out and vote in the March 20, 2018, primary.   Not only should you vote but make sure you vote “YES” for the … Continue reading

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