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California’s Proposition 65 rules brew trouble for small businesses, such as coffee shops.

Mind you, you would have to drink 64 liters of roasted coffee brew a day to reach carcinogenic levels. Safe daily intake level of acrylamide before neurotoxic level is even higher at 40 μg/kg per day, equivalent to 6222 cups … Continue reading

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History of the Shriners

History of the Shriners Shriners International is, at its most basic level, a fraternity. It all started in Manhattan in 1870 when some members of what’s considered the world’s oldest fraternity – Masonry – were hanging out at their favorite … Continue reading

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It’s the 7th Anniversary of the Unsolved Fire and Murders at the Horseshoe Bar in Schiller Park 

It’s the 7th Anniversary of the Horseshoe Fire.  George RIP .  Justice still has not been served.  #horseshoefire #schillerpark

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Cook County New Affidavits Requirements For Class 6b And Class 8 Incentives Suspended

On Wednesday, January 17, 2018, 24 Mayors from throughout Cook County testified in front of the Cook County Business and Economic Development Committee, to repeal the new Cook County Incentives Ordinance 74-71(b)(2), which implemented new Labor regulations and required Living … Continue reading

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How a 574-year-old school is preparing for a world without classrooms

    What does a nearly six-century-old private school that charges $54,000 a year in tuition do when confronted with start-ups with bright ideas about how education should work? If you’re Eton College, alma mater to much of the British … Continue reading

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OOPS: Is this the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency’s computer password?

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Mental Health Advocates Hold National Summit In Chicago

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Seattle Sugary Drink Tax Take Effect: $10.34 Tax On $15.99 Purchase

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Bitcoin tumbles 20%, dipping below $12,000 to the digital currency’s lowest level in more than a month

Over $100 billion wiped off global cryptocurrency market following talk of South Korea trading ban. Prices of major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ripple and ethereum took a hit following the news that South Korea could be preparing to ban trading in … Continue reading

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The Goldwater Rule; and Should We Psycho-Analyze Our Politicians ?

Was this petty, snarling man, utterly lacking in presidential temperament and heedless of the established rules and norms of politics, going to get us into a nuclear war? That’s what a lot of Americans wondered about Richard Nixon back in … Continue reading

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