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The Nine Lives of Berrio’s May Be Up

  The Cook County Tax Assessors Office has drawn the attention of candidates running for Illinois governor with at least one, Democrat Chris Kennedy, calling for Berrios to step down. It’s a sticky situation for Democrats who’ve been egregiously quiet. … Continue reading

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Take Away Boundaries, and People Go Nuts

Many people have asked me, “What is world is going on here, with Roy Moore, John Conyers, Joe Barton, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, and all the others?” I’ll tell you what is going on: moral truth is dead in America. … Continue reading

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The Tax Is “Canned”

It’s dead. Cook County Board unceremoniously repeals sweetened-beverage tax, 15 yes, 2 no. Effective December 1, 2017 #canthecookcountytax

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Leyden and Norwood Park Townships Need To Seriously Consider School District Consolidation 

One of the maddening aspects of the state’s ongoing financial crisis is that some obvious long-term solutions are rarely considered. One solution to the massive tax collections by state and local government is to reduce the number of local governments. … Continue reading

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Today is the Day !!!

  The minimum wage increase in Cook County starts today, July 1st It’s going up to $10 an hour and will increase by a dollar every year to get to $13 an hour by 2020. There are at least 50 … Continue reading

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Should Leyden and Norwood Park Township Villages Opt Out of Cook County Minimum Wage Ordinance ?

Following the lead of the City of Chicago and other municipalities nationwide, on October 26, 2016, the Cook County Board of Commissioners voted to gradually increase the minimum wage in Cook County to $13 per hour by July of 2020. … Continue reading

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Most medical pot shops to open in Chicago area


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