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Lightfoot + Foxx Belong in Jail for Public Endangerment ! What Does Chicago’s Future Look Like For Law Abiding Residents ?

This guy can’t last much longer. Lightfoot is getting blamed for the violence. All he does is hold press conferences. The police do not do “Stop & Frisk” anymore so everyone is carrying a gun. The police cannot chase a … Continue reading

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Good By 2020, It’s About Time !!!

Dear 2020, The novel coronavirus overshadowed nearly every aspect of a year whose iceberg of anxiety, uncertainty and unrest had many tipping points. It’s now time to say goodbye to 2020. For many, it will be good riddance to a … Continue reading

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The Forces of Chaos Are At Work in this Era of the Coronavirus 19, Take Heed How to Manage in this Business Landscape !!! LEARN HOW TO THRIVE IN CHAOS or BE LOST !!!

The business landscape of the 21st Century is characterized by increasing complexity, disorder, intense competition, hyper speed pace of change, and above all, a 24/7 “always on” culture. This means that chaos is inevitable in such a landscape because of … Continue reading

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Illinois Faces 5th Year Of An Increasing Population Decline

Illinoisans received their 5th consecutive year of bad news at the end of 2018, with U.S. Census Bureau data showing the state suffered a record fifth year of worsening population decline. Cook County lost more residents between 2017 and 2018 … Continue reading

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Is Cook County State’s Attorney Looking For Special Treatment ?

Is Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx looking for the Jussie Smollet treatment? Nice of the County’s Inspector General to offer to review what happened during the case….but let’s be honest here: HE was appointed by Cook County Board President … Continue reading

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Kim Foxx Has Zero Support Among Law Enforcement Professionals

Kim Foxx has zero support among law enforcement professionals. A judge called for a special prosecutor to look into her Smollett dealings, two major prosecutors’ associations condemned her handling of the case, and now associations representing EVERY single police chief … Continue reading

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