An Extract on the Origins of McCampbell

An Extract on the Origins of McCampbell
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Leyden High Schools To Have An E Learning Day on Monday, November 26, 2018

Tomorrow – Monday, November 26, 2018 will be an E-Learning Day at East and West Leyden schools at Leyden SD 212. Assignments will be available in @Schoology by 9:00 am. Students make sure to sign in for attendance purposes and have a great day! #leydenpride

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Don’t Stop Believin’: Jonathan Cane of Journey joined longtime baseball exec, Nick Colletti, both Leyden grads, as they returned for book signing

It was a very happy homecoming for Jonathan Cain when he visited Leyden High Schools on Nov. 12 to sign copies of his new book “Don’t Stop Believin’: The Man, The Band, and the Song That Inspired Generations.”

The keyboardist and backup vocalist for Journey, who helped write the band’s best-known song, “Don’t Stop Believin’,” is a 1968 Leyden graduate.

Enjoyed going back to visit the old neighborhood where I spent my teen years in Schiller Park with @Paula_White! Lots of memories 👍🏻Blessed to speak at West Leyden last night where they featured my memoir, Don’t Stop Believin’ 🎶📚

RJ McCampbell and Jonathan Cain of Journey and an alumni of East Leyden High School and former resident of Schiller Park

Jonathan Cane provides a lyrical tour of his music:

Cain was joined by Leyden 1972 graduate Ned Colletti, author of “The Big Chair: The Smooth Hops and Bad Bounces from the Inside World of the Acclaimed Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager.”

Both authors spoke to students at four sessions.

Cain reminisced about his years at Leyden.

“I loved homecoming. The prom was great. We had it at the Drake Hotel. I remember singing with the band my senior year,” he said. “I had great teachers, and the coaches were all strong.”

In terms of activities, Cain said that he wanted to play basketball, “but I was too small. I did cross country and gymnastics, and I played baseball through my sophomore year.”

He also played music in high school with his band the Futurists.

Cain initially began writing the book to chronicle his experience as a survivor of the 1958 fire at Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, which led to the deaths of 92 students and three nuns.

“It struck me that none of the survivors from the Our Lady of the Angels School fire had been published,” he explained. “I wanted to set the record straight and remind the world of the 

tragedy. And also retrace the story of my journey to Journey.”

“A lot of times tragedy brings revelation,” Cain noted. “Tragedy can bring redemption. My father lit a fire in my heart after that. He gave me the gift of music, and his blessings and his confidence. ‘My dad matters’ is going to be my theme this year. Maybe my book inspires young men to look after their children the way my dad did.”

The most difficult aspect of writing that book for Cain was his desire to be transparent.

“There were times I stumbled and didn’t always do the right thing,” he explained. “You have regrets about the way you handle certain situations. I had to come clean with it and tell the truth. Nobody likes to blow up a family and a marriage but when it happens, it happens. Even at the pinnacle of somebody’s career, you can do stuff that you wish you didn’t. ”

Jonathan Cane is a bit anecdotal:

Of course, writing about the fire was also painful.

Cain has been married to his third wife, Pastor Paula White, senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Fla., since April of 2015.

What people will learn from the book that might most surprise them is “my heart for God,” Cain said. “I wanted to be a priest, and I ended up marrying a pastor. I repented and I feel like I’m on or. I repented and I feel like I’m on my track where I’m supposed to be.”

That includes writing Christian worship music. He is currently working on his third album that expresses his faith.

“I’m creating a music ministry,” Cain explained. “I’m going to speak to younger people and help them with their music.”

Cain is also involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “Journey helped raised over $100,000 this year on the road,” he reported.

Cain talked to the students about the process of writing a book and, hopefully, inspire them. “And teach them that blessings take hard work,” Cain said.

Jonathan Cane ends the evening on a musical note:

Cain and Colletti concluded the day at an evening event in the newly finished West Leyden library where many members of the community as well as students were hosted

Ned Colletti, East Leyden Class of 1972

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Election Day

What are you seeing out there ?

How’s the weather ?

How is the turnout ?

How was lunch ?

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Local Governments’ Alarming Capital Spending Ratios — Strong Towns

There are many ways for state and local governments to run hidden deficits,
one of which is deferred maintenance. But it turns out there is a way to
measure the extent to which local governments kick the maintenance can down
the road.
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Eradicate Hate In Our Society

What happened in Pittsburgh was horrific and senseless. My prayers go out to all the victims and their families. We must work to eradicate hate in our society.

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Illinois Has Lost Governnmental Review By Newspapers

America’s newspapers are vanishing, with Illinois losing more than most

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Of toilets and contractors: Is Pritzker up to the job of renovating Illinois? – Chicago Tribune



Of toilets and contractors: Is Pritzker up to the job of renovating Illinois? – Chicago Tribune
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Morton Schapiro, Northwestern officials say Harvard trial won’t affect admissions


B9C5B0AE-B3F9-43F5-988B-E97F6F059014.jpegAs the Harvard admissions lawsuit placing a microscope on the practice of affirmative action in higher education goes to trial, Northwestern officials say the outcome shouldn’t affect University admissions. The lawsuit charging Harvard University with systematic discrimination against Asian-Americans will begin its trial Monday in Boston. Plaintiffs contend the Ivy League school imposes a quota…
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Norridge SD 80 Moves Forward on Leaving LASEC


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