Reversal of Roe v Wade Returns the Power to the Individual States

The court’s 6-3 ruling, which upholds a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, strikes down a landmark decision that has enshrined abortion rights across the U.S. for nearly 50 years.

In reality…Though the left is acting like hysterical children. No one’s opinion has changed. Everyone has known, for sometime,( the leak)Roe was going to be overturned. So the people angry, were already angry. So not sure what votes, if any would be effected in Nov) Fact is..Roe was based on bad law. Our constitution was written to ‘severely limit’ federal authority and rather. Give most authority to the states. Unlike the second amendment, which clearly states right to bear arms. Abortion isn’t mentioned and therefore, can be regulated on a state by state level. If you don’t like the ‘laws’ of the state you live in? Move to another state.( you do have that right in the constitution) or vote those politicians out. It’s reallly ignorance of our form of government. A Representative Republic and the ignorance of the Constitution that are the real sins here.

Regardless of for or against…I believe the power should be left up to the states. Same as marijuana use……not comparing this to marijuana use, but states need their laws to be representative of their majority and elected officials need to represent their constituents including the ones that didn’t vote for them equally.

People vote on how the economy is effecting them.. The polls won’t change much and the blue and left will be swept away, along with their failed ideas and policies which have led economic disaster for America.

There’s a significant point being overlooked by everyone regarding today’s Supreme Court Decision. It’s not about the abolishment of abortion.
It’s about money and political influence.

Today’s decision pushes the responsibility to the State – where it always should have remained. Abortion will be available in those states that support it as decided at the State Legislative level. California, New York, New Jersey and others have already stated that they will actively continue to support abortion.
Also, many major corporations and businesses will actively support their employees through their health-care programs.

[CNN] In 2020, Planned Parenthood’s super PAC made $45 million donations targeted toward Democratic battleground states.

Democrat political funding will be dramatically reduced, as seen in the Texas decision to prohibit abortion, as other states join the prohibition on abortion.

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Happy Father’s Day to All, Including Those Who Have To Work Today

On this Father’s Day, let’s take a minute to acknowledge the sacrifices they are making and the toll it is taking on not only the Officers but on their families as well. Have a safe and Happy Father’s Day!

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“Top Gun” Restores Taiwanese Flag to Tom Cruise’s Jacket

“Top Gun: Maverick has risked angering China by restoring the Taiwanese flag on the back of Tom Cruise’s jacket in the new blockbuster.

In the original 1986 classic, Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell wears a leather bomber jacket featuring patches on the back, commemorating his father’s battleship tours to Japan and Taiwan in 1963 to 1964.

But when the trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel was released in 2019, the flags had been mysteriously removed.

There was speculation the decision was influenced by Chinese film distributor and production company Tencent Pictures, who were part producing the aviation romp.

The flags had been replaced by random symbols in an apparent kowtow to the Communist nation’s political demands.

But when the film was released this week, fans were relieved to see the flags had been restored, with one scene even featuring a close-up shot.

Chinese fans were left unimpressed, with one saying on social media: ‘Fine, don’t take our money. We will watch the pirated version.’

The move is a rare U-turn for Hollywood and has not been explained by the film’s producers.

Ho Siu Bun, a film critic based in Hong Kong, told VICE World News: ‘It is unprecedented. Major film studios have never been shy about pandering to the Chinese market.”

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May 30, 1922, Was The Dedication of the Lincoln Memorial, 100 Years Ago

On May 30, 1922, an estimated 50,000 people gathered on the banks of the Potomac River for the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial, a towering tribute to Abraham Lincoln. Decades in the making, the memorial’s classically inspired design alluded to two hallmarks of Lincoln’s presidency: the emancipation of the enslaved and his continued calls for unityin a time of unprecedented division.

Robert Todd Lincoln, the president’s only surviving son, attended the Memorial Dayceremony, which featured speeches by three prominent men: Chief Justice (and former president) William Howard Taft; President Warren G. Harding; and Robert Russa Moton, principal of the Tuskegee Institute, a historically Black school in Alabama.

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How Inflation Affects SSI Disability Benefits | Planning

Learn how inflation affects social security disability benefits.

We provide special needs planning services in Elmhurst, Illinois
— Read on

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Holy Cross High School, Classes of the 1970’s Reunion on October 1, 2022

Go to this link:

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I Predict Joe Biden Will Resign By Christmas for “Health Reasons “

“I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” -Joe Biden (9/21/19)

I predict that Joe Biden will resign the presidency for “health reasons” – either in December or January – due to the Democrats looming disastrous midterm election results. Dems have no choice but to dump him or they will have ZERO chance of keeping the White House in 2024. The fact the lamestream media is now finally covering the NY Post’s original 2020 story and are asking the White House tough questions shows this scandal is wearing thin on the main stream media’s patience. They seem to have come to the conclusion they can no longer carry this cognitive and ethically challenged President without losing the little credibility they have left.

“Hunter Biden’s access to lucrative financial opportunities also came with expectations — including kicking back as much as 50% of his earnings to his dad, text messages on his old laptop show. “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,” Hunter Biden groused to daughter Naomi in January 2019. “It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.” Pop is Joe Biden.”

Go to this link:

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Did Illinois Fix The SAFE-T Act?

SB2364 was passed and may become law soon. It was attempting to fix some holes in the “SAFE-T” act. Starting Jan. 1 2023 someone may only be arrested for criminal trespass to property (class B misdemeanor) or disorderly conduct (class C misdemeanor) if they, “(1) poses a specific, real, and present threat to the safety of the community or any person or persons; or (2) has a medical or mental health condition that poses a risk to the safety of the accused.

This applies to all class B and C misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and petty offenses.

Scenario, someone puts a tent on your property or enters a house, store, or restaurant. This person is not a threat to anyone and has no mental health issues. This person will not leave when asked to do so and thus is trespassing.

Sounds like these scenarios are a “cite and release” type violation where the police can only issue a citation and tell the property/store owner that we are unable to physically arrest someone and that we have to leave them on their property. Anyone thinking any differently here?

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Video of Fashion Outlets of Chicago mall shooter emerges; 1 person of interest found, police say

CWB has secured video of Friday night’s shooting that left a man dead and one other person injured at Fashion Outlets of Chicago in suburban Rosemont. Police said a man in his mid-20s was killed and a 15-year-old girl was shot in the wrist. The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the slain man as Joel Valdes of Skokie.

Video appears to show a gunman shooting down a short hallway adjacent to the food court. Several people walk into and out of the hallway before the man begins firing.

Go to this link to see video:

Rosemont police said two suspects fled in a red vehicle after the 7:08 p.m. shooting. Chicago police license plate readers later located the car as it entered the city’s Northwest Side and made its way to Lake Shore Drive, passing Chicago Avenue southbound around 9:15 p.m. It hit on another plate reader near the Eisenhower and Laramie around 9:40 p.m.

At 11:45 p.m., Rosemont Public Safety tweeted, “we currently have one person of interest located … Further updates [Saturday].” Rosemont officials did not say where that person was found.

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