Illinois Faces 5th Year Of An Increasing Population Decline

Illinoisans received their 5th consecutive year of bad news at the end of 2018, with U.S. Census Bureau data showing the state suffered a record fifth year of worsening population decline.

New census data released April 18 show that for the first time on record, this population loss occurred in every metropolitan area across the state.

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Illinois School Administrator Salaries Highest in the US

Too often the school board announces cuts that directly affects the children, but honestly a good look would be at the high priced administrators.

This is a local school board issue, not a state issue, but top heavy administration is a huge issue. I support local consolidation!!

It may not be the biggest state, nor the one with the most students, but Illinois leads the nation in school district spending on administrators. Even amid a looming statewide financial crisis, the state’s 852 districts spent more than $1 billion in fiscal year 2016, the most in the nation, according to a newly released analysis.

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Is Cook County State’s Attorney Looking For Special Treatment ?

Is Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx looking for the Jussie Smollet treatment?

Nice of the County’s Inspector General to offer to review what happened during the case….but let’s be honest here: HE was appointed by Cook County Board President TONI PRECKWINKLE. SHE (Preckwinkle) is Kim Foxx’s biggest supporter because of their history together. While there is nothing wrong with politicians offering support for each other in hard times, CAN YOU REALLY TRUST THE OUTCOME??

Currently, a former judge and current attorney have filed papers to have a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR look into the case.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer someone OUTSIDE OF POLITICS to look at this. If you want people to trust that the system works…you must be transparent.

In my decades of being involved Chicago area politics, I have learned there is too much corruption in City, County, State and Federal government for me to trust one of their own to give it a real and honest look without influence from the BOSS ( No disrespect here IG and Madame President. )

Texts messages, a “washed up” Jussie Smollet, a “satisfied” Police Superintendent who later had a press conference with a (bad acting) Mayor calling the decision a “white washing of justice”.

Wow. It sounds like a bad movie script.

Is anyone in government honest?

What do you think?

Please people…debates and discussions are encouraged. But bullies, trolls, & name callers will be blocked, banned, and comments deleted. Sorry. Not sorry.

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Why Has Leyden SD 212 Stopped Publishing Their Honor Roll ?

I don’t agree with the Leyden SD 212 Board of Education’s decision to no longer publish the East and West Leyden  honor roll. Numerous members of my family attended Leyden High Schools over the years and everyone was proud of their children seeing their names signifying their achievements each semester.

Kids who work hard and achieve the GPA required for Honors and/or High Honor Roll deserve to be recognized. Life is not fair. The sooner our kids learn that, the better. They also need to learn that hard work pays off. Unfortunately, it seems that in an era as we drift toward socialism in our country, we bend over backwards to coddle our kids and protect them from disappointment and failure. We’re doing them a disservice because we’re raising kids who don’t know how to function well in the real world and compete.

I raised my  concern of the District  failing to publish the Honor Roll after every semester at a Board of Education meeting several months ago, noting that this Honor Roll could be published each semester on the SD 212 website.    I received no answer to that suggestion,  but the silence is deafening, and since my appearance in front the Board of Education no effort has been made to include this information on the website.

Not every kid is an A student but every kid has something to offer. Whatever that “something” is can be recognized and supported. Some kids may excel at biology or history, others at being kind or funny or painting or swimming. And some kids may be good at many things, because, well, life’s not fair. In the big bad world, our kids may not get that job, grant, or promotion they wanted. As parents, we can help them develop into emotionally healthy adults, not by removing the bumps, but by helping them learn to ride the bumps. I also don’t agree with the Leyden SD 212’s Board of Education  decision to no longer as of the Class of 2022 to continue to designate class rank. Students should be proud of whatever their class rank;  but develop a keen sense of competition for which their lifetime experiences will require them to pursue.

Our kids are lucky to be attending such a well financed school program and beautiful  physical plant financed by the taxpayers of the District. The School District’s high school education is excellent and prepares the students well to enter the work force, the trades or college of their choosing.

Many of them come from single-parent homes where the parent’s most urgent concern is making the next rent or utility payment;  yet they know the Leyden 212 “brand” provides an quality education.
Clearly the Leyden High School Board of Education SD 212  have caved in to parents who have complained, most likely because their kids didn’t make honor roll. These parents might help their kids more by supporting them for who they are, not who the parents want them to be.

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A Very Frustrated Cub’s Fan

Congratulations Theo on our Last place Chicago Cubs . . .

How does it feel to be 5 1/2 games back (knowing that you did nothing in the off season to improve our relief pitching)

It is possible to be 7 1/2 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers before our home opener !

Hope it doesn’t get that bad, but I’m still a loyal Cubs fan . . . A VERY FRUSTRATED CUBS FAN !

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Six Socialists on Chicago City Council

Six Socialists on Chicago City Council

“Chicago will soon have more socialist City Council members than any major U.S. city in modern history,” said CDSA co-chairs Lucie Macias and Leonard Pierce in a Wednesday op-ed for the Chicago Tribune.

Of course, overtaking the GOP wasn’t a high bar, given that there may only be one Republican serving on the city council. Alderman Anthony Napolitano was a Republican when he was elected in 2015, but he has since identified as an Independent. The council is non-partisan”

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Kim Foxx Has Zero Support Among Law Enforcement Professionals

Kim Foxx has zero support among law enforcement professionals. A judge called for a special prosecutor to look into her Smollett dealings, two major prosecutors’ associations condemned her handling of the case, and now associations representing EVERY single police chief in Cook County are giving her a “no confidence” vote. I believe Kim Foxx could be forcibly removed from office and she could be charged with felony official misconduct, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy

Now posted: Full text of “no confidence” letter sent to Kim Foxx by north suburban police chiefs. Jussie Smollet case is called “the latest and most egregious example of the failure by you and your staff to hold offenders accountable.”


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The governor’s office issued a concerning response to a simple request for the numbers backing up his “fair tax” proposal.

More than a week after claiming his income tax proposal would raise $3.4 billion in new revenue, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office now claims it can’t find the math used to calculate that number.

This doesn’t inspire confidence in the governor’s plan for a graduated income tax, which would require eliminating one of Illinois’ “few saving graces” for taxpayers: a constitutionally protected flat income tax.

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Principal Symptoms of ADHD in Children and Teenagers

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent mental health problems affecting children in the United States. It is widely discussed in popular mental health articles, and it seems that parents all think they know how to tell if their child is showing the telltale sign…

Principal Symptoms of ADHD in Children and Teenagers #parenting #ADHD #mentalhealth
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Park Forest Police Asks Public To ‘Flood’ Officer’s Mailbox With Letters

The @ParkForestPD remains #TimStrong. Hopes you’ll chip in with a note/card of support for wounded Officer Tim Jones. #parkforestpd

Park Forest Police Department is starting a campaign to bring a smile to the face of an officer wounded three years ago.
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