Roy F. McCampbell’s Blog for the Second Year in a Row is Named to the Top 30 Political Satire Blogs and Websites in 2021

Top 30 Political Satire Blogs and Websites in 2021

Aug 25, 2021 · Roy F. McCampbell’s Blog Chicago, Illinois, US Roy F. McCampbell is an Attorney, Special Ed Advocate, Speaker and Author. He started a blog so everyone can read his thoughts and observations, ending conjecture. Sarcasm and Silliness by a Resident of Leyden Township.

Roy F McCampbell’s Blog made the number 10 spot in the Top 30 Political Satire Blogs and Websites for 2021. This is up from the number 16 spot on the Top 30 in 2020.

Thank you to all of my readers and supporters.

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Leyden Student Board Members Sound Off On COVID-Related Issues—–Concerns are Raised if SD 212 Was Prepared for the Return of the Students Beyond Telling the Students to Wear Masks

The Leyden High School student trustees sounded off at the August 19th Board meeting. Read the story at the link below:

There are numerous strategies that need to be employed beyond “just wearing your mask” by Leyden School District 212.

Ask questions when you attend the Leyden High School “Open House” and require that the District gives you answers about the health and safety of your children who are attending the classes in the building

The parents need to attend board meetings and ask the questions and require honest answers.

Now questions are surfacing whether or not Leyden SD 212 Administrators have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure the health of the students attending. With the over crowded buses there has been little to no effort for proper air flow on the buses.

Information has now surfaced that many of the older sections of East and West Leyden have little to no proper air flow in the over crowded hallways during the class changes.

At the same SD 212 Board meeting that the student trustees raised the out cry regarding the issues; the Board adopted life safety amendments for over the next 10 years to up grade the school district air handling and ventilation systems in the older sections of the buildings, yet the District spent 10’s of millions of dollars in building additions to make the buildings look like the “Taj Mahal” but failed to upgrade the air handling systems of the buildings which even before Covid-19 directly impact the health of the children and the staff.

In 2018, I pursued the District to up grade some of the ventilation in the East side of East Leyden; this was done grudgingly at a cost of $6 million dollars and I was portrayed as the bad guy by Administrators of the District. This upgrade was done in the summer of 2019; yet instead of pursuing the complete upgrade of the ventilation and air handling systems of East Leyden, they proceeded to sink millions of dollars into artificial track and artificial turf, and stadium seating for soccer and football fields during the height of the pandemic.

The District has failed to address the ventilation systems at West Leyden when they were plotting the massive building projects costing millions of dollars; what did they do at West Leyden this summer was to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars to repair and restore mosaics in the brick work.

The District needs to now seek emergency measures to improve the air quality and air handling in the buildings for a more safe and effective way of providing high quality air turnover to protect the students.

“Just wearing a mask” is not the answer. The Administration knows better and is hiding their “head in the sand”. If the cases of Covid-19 continues to rise at SD 212 we need to question whether the Administration is doing all they can to protect the students and faculty.

Where is the faculty union ? The CPS Teacher’s union demanded and got ventilation upgrades in CPS schools.

Complaints are surfacing that students don’t have access to drinking water and are coming home quite thirsty.

The District is not employing many of the “best practices” of the CDC as outlined below.

Ventilation is one component of maintaining healthy environments, and is an important COVID-19 prevention strategy for schools and childcare programs. Wearing a well-fitting, multi-layer mask helps prevent virus particles from entering the air or being breathed in by the person wearing a mask. Good ventilation is another step that can reduce the number of virus particles in the air. Along with other preventive actions, ventilation can reduce the likelihood of spreading disease. Below are ways you can improve ventilation in your school or childcare program, whether in a large building or in a home:

Bring in as much outdoor air as possible.

  • If safe to do so, open windows and doors. Even just cracking open a window or door helps increase outdoor airflow, which helps reduce the potential concentration of virus particles in the air. If it gets too cold or hot, adjust the thermostat. Do not open windows or doors if doing so poses a safety or health risk (such as falling, exposure to extreme temperatures, or triggering asthma symptoms).
  • Use child-safe fans to increase the effectiveness of open windows. Safely secure fans in a window to blow potentially contaminated air out and pull new air in through other open windows and doors.
  • Consider having activities, classes, or lunches outdoors when circumstances allow.

Ensure Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) settings are maximizing ventilation.

  • Make sure your ventilation systems are serviced and meeting code requirements. They should provide acceptable indoor air quality, as defined by ASHRAE Standard 62.1external icon, for the current occupancy level for each space.* Home-based childcare programs should meet requirements established by their state and local regulatory authorities.
  • Set HVAC systems to bring in as much outdoor air as your system will safely allow. Reduce or eliminate HVAC air recirculation, when practical and with expert HVAC consultation.*
  • Increase the HVAC system’s total airflow supply to occupied spaces when you can. More air flow encourages air mixing and ensures any recirculated air passes through the filter more frequently.
  • Disable demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) controls that reduce air supply based on occupancy or temperature. This way the air supply will remain constant throughout the day.
  • For simple HVAC systems controlled by a thermostat, setting the fan control switch from “Auto” to “On” will ensure the HVAC system provides continuous air filtration and distribution.
  • Consider running the HVAC system at maximum outside airflow for 2 hours before and after the building is occupied to refresh air before arrival and remove remaining particles at the end of the day.

Open windows in transportation vehicles.Ventilation is important on buses and vans servicing schools and childcare programs, along with other strategies such as mask use for people over 2 years old and physical distancing.

Keep vehicle windows open when it does not create a safety or health hazard. Having more windows open is more helpful, but even just cracking a few windows open is better than keeping all windows closed.

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Divorce attorneys brace for exes battling over kids getting COVID-19 vaccine

Brad Novak, a divorced father from Lansing, got COVID-19 himself but said there are too many unknowns for him to be comfortable getting his 13-year-old daughter vaccinated.

— Read on

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US left billions in weapons in Afghanistan, with Black Hawks in Taliban’s hands

US left billions in weapons in Afghanistan, with Black Hawks in Taliban’s hands

— Read on

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General Practice Attorney – Law Offices of Roy F. McCampbell

general practice attorney, criminal law, traffic law, special education law, divorce and child custody, estate planning and probate, municipal law, real estate

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Real Estate Taxes Are Becoming Oppressive

This is becoming reality throughout the metropolitan areas in Illinois:

“We purchased our 1,000-square-foot home in Lake County in 2016, and the property taxes were about $2,500. The next year it jumped to $4,500, and we were short about $3,000 in escrow payments so we decided to refinance our mortgage. In 2021, it jumped again to $6,700, and to $7,000 in 2021.”

“It’s a huge burden as a homeowner to wonder constantly, ‘How much more am I going to expect as an increase in my monthly payment?’”

“About 19 line items make up my tax bill – municipalities and their pensions. Eleven taxing bodies drive our taxes. Neighboring counties usually have eight to 10 line items on their tax bill.”

“We love where we live, not because of the municipal services, but because we grew up here and our families are here. We’re on the edge of selling and moving to a different community or a different township or a different county that has less government bodies that are funded by property taxes. That means going over the border right now to Wisconsin or potentially going to McHenry County in an unincorporated area.”

“As far as the professional side as a Realtor, my clients and I’m sure most Realtors’ clients, purchase homes in Lake County based on what they can afford monthly. That includes principal, interest, property taxes and insurance. Outside of Illinois and maybe even outside of Lake County, home buyers shop based on price point: they don’t have to worry about the varying property tax burden from one town to the next.”

“In Lake County, property tax amount is major driving factor in affordability and a buyer’s decision on purchasing a home.”

“A client could tell me, ‘I’m looking for $250,000 to $300,000 house,’ but that doesn’t really equate to a home search because they can look at one community and that $250,000 house has $10,00-$12,000 in property taxes versus $7,000 in property tax on a similar house in a different community. That is a substantial difference in monthly payments – $250 to $450 a month.”

“In the community I live in, Grayslake, it’s not uncommon to see $11,000 or $12,000 [in property taxes] for a 2,000-square-foot home.”

“Every client is aware of the high property taxes. They basically accept the reality and are hopeless of any change or relief. They don’t understand how we pay this much in property taxes or how the local governments can justify them.”

“I never have clients purchase because of the services that the municipalities offer, except schools.”

“One result I see because of the high property taxes is a stagnation of value. The homes just don’t increase in value like they do around the country.”

“When a buyer focuses on their monthly payment affordability, and they’re looking at $10,000 in property taxes yearly, it becomes hard for those homes to increase in value. When monthly budgets remain the same, but taxes increase, home values can not increase.”

“When you look around the country in areas that have low property taxes, the home values are actually higher for similar or smaller homes, and they continue to increase in value because the tax burden on monthly payments is so low.”

“The home my parents bought in Lake County is worth about what they paid for it in 2005, and their property taxes are about $4,000 higher than when they purchased. The same homes worth $250,000 here could be worth $450,000 just over the border in southern Wisconsin.”

“High and growing property taxes here tend to depress home values.”

“I’m used to a business where I’m helping clients sell their starter home or their forever home, and buy their move-up home or down-size home. The last nine months have been the most odd as far as the amount of people selling their home and not buying, which means they’re selling and leaving for other states.”

“I see a lot of people moving to Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Colorado. That’s been happening over the last, really, five years but really accelerated recently.”

“I know that politicians say residents leave because of the weather, but nobody ever tells me weather is the main driving factor to leave. Typically it comes down to, ‘I’m going somewhere with lower taxation,’ ‘Where my money will go farther,’ ‘Going somewhere with growth opportunities as far as employment,’ ‘Less corruption.’”

“It’s never about the weather.”

Andrew Carlin
Real estate agent
Grayslake, Illinois

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New Illinois Law Allows Students With Disabilities to Finish Academic Year to Make Up for Lost Time After 22nd Birthday !!!

Students with special needs who turn 22 while in school will be able to finish the academic year under legislation signed into law Wednesday by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.Pritzker signed House Bills 40 and 2748 at the Southside Occupational Academy High School and said those pieces of legislation help the state align “the law with our values.”

After pandemic disrupted school, new law allows students with disabilities to finish academic yearPritzker signed House Bills 40 and 2748 at the Southside Occupational Academy High School and said those pieces of legislation help the state align “the law with our values.”

Pritzker signed the two bills at the Southside Occupational Academy High School and said they will help the state align “the law with our values.”

“I strongly believe that a core principle of governance is ensuring that our laws are kind to the people that they’re meant to serve,” Pritzker said. “After all, our laws are an expression of our values, and there’s nothing kind about taking a student with disabilities out of the classroom … just because they turned another day older.

“It doesn’t happen to general education students, and it shouldn’t happen to our students with special needs either. And in Illinois that shouldn’t ever happen again as a result of what we do here today.”

The new laws will allow students whose 22nd birthday occurs during the school year to be eligible for special education services through the end of the academic year, according to the language of one of the bills the governor signed.

Up until now, students with disabilities were only eligible for services until the day before their 22nd birthday.

The other bill allows students with disabilities who turned 22 during the pandemic — when in-person learning was interrupted — to return to school in the coming school year to “make up for lost time,” Pritzker said.

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The state of California. New York City. Hospitals and nursing homes. Colleges and universities. Employers are putting COVID-19 vaccine mandates into place and it’s getting attention.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said a requirement is under consideration for all federal employees. But what happens if workers refuse?

Federal legal guidance out this week suggests the law is on the side of employers. Vaccination can be considered a “condition of employment,” akin to a job qualification.

Employment lawyers believe that employers want to meet their employees halfway

That said, employment lawyers believe many businesses will want to meet hesitant workers half-way.


Yes. Private companies and government agencies can require their employees to get vaccinated as a condition of working there. Individuals retain the right to refuse, but they have no ironclad right to legal protection.

“Those who have a disability or a sincerely held religious belief may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation under civil rights laws, so long as providing that accommodation does not constitute an undue hardship for the employer,” said Sharon Perley Masling, an employment lawyer who leads the COVID-19 task force at Morgan Lewis.

Employees who don’t meet such criteria “may need to go on leave or seek different opportunities,” she added.

The U.S. Justice Department addressed the rights of employers and workers in a legal opinion this week. It tackled an argument raised by some vaccine skeptics that the federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act prohibits employers from requiring vaccination with shots that are only approved for emergency use, as coronavirus vaccines currently are.

Department lawyers wrote that the law in question requires individuals be informed of their “option to accept or refuse administration” of an emergency use vaccine or drug. But that requirement does not prohibit employers from mandating vaccination as “a condition of employment.”Tampa General urgent care employee stole patients’ credit, personal information

The same reasoning applies to universities, school districts, or other entities potentially requiring COVID-19 vaccines, the lawyers added. Available evidence overwhelmingly shows the vaccines are safe and effective.

The Justice Department opinion followed earlier guidance from the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that federal laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace “do not prevent an employer from requiring all employees physically entering the workplace to be vaccinated for COVID-19.”

The EEOC listed some cases in which employers must offer exemptions. People who have a medical or religious reason can be accommodated through alternative measures. Those can include getting tested weekly, wearing masks while in the office, or working remotely.


The Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday became the first major federal agency to require health care workers to get COVID-19 vaccine. Also on Monday, the state of California said it will require millions of health care workers and state employees to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or get tested weekly. And New York City will require all of its municipal workers — including teachers and police officers — to get coronavirus vaccines by mid-September or face weekly testing.

Raising expectations, Biden said Tuesday that a vaccine requirement for all federal workers is “under consideration right now.” He promised to lay out next steps for his administration’s stalled vaccination campaign later this week.

“The more we learn about this virus and the delta variation, the more we have to be worried and concerned,” the president said, adding that if another 100 million Americans were vaccinated “we’d be in a very different world.”

The push for vaccines has been piecemeal in the corporate world. Delta and United airlines are requiring new employees to show proof of vaccination. Goldman Sachs is requiring its employees to disclose their vaccination status, but is not requiring staffers to be vaccinated.Grandpa’s text messages about dying alone go viral on TikTok 

Michelle S. Strowhiro, an employment adviser and lawyer at McDermott Will & Emery, said there are costs for employers requiring vaccines. There’s the administrative burden of tracking compliance and managing exemption requests. Claims of discrimination could also arise.

But ultimately, the rise in the delta variant and breakthrough cases in fully vaccinated people has “served as extra motivation for employers to take a stronger stand on vaccination generally,” she said. “Employers are going to be looking toward vaccine mandates more and more.”


Instead of requiring vaccines, some companies are trying to entice workers by offering cash bonuses, paid time off and other rewards. Walmart, for example, is offering a $75 bonus for employees who provide proof they were vaccinated. Amazon is giving workers an $80 bonus if they show proof of vaccination and new hires get $100 if they’re vaccinated.


Most employers are likely to give workers some options if they don’t want to take the vaccine. For example, New York City and California have imposed what’s being called a “soft mandate” — workers who don’t want to get vaccinated can get tested weekly instead.

If an employer does set a hard requirement, employees can ask for an exemption for medical or religious reasons. Then, under EEOC civil rights rules, the employer must provide “reasonable accommodation that does not pose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business.” Some alternatives could include wearing a face mask at work, social distancing, working a modified shift, COVID-19 testing or the option to work remotely, or even offering a reassignment.


It’s too early to tell.

“Every employer that decides to mandate vaccination paves the way for other employers to feel safer doing so,” said Masling.

A recent legal decision may help move the needle. In June, a federal district court in Texas rejected an attempt by medical workers to challenge the legality of Houston Methodist Hospital’s vaccine mandate. The court found such a requirement in line with public policy.

Dorit Reiss, a law professor who specializes in vaccine policies at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, said “more businesses will have confidence they can mandate the vaccine.”

She believes most companies will go the route of a soft mandate, with alternatives for employees who remain reluctant.

“I think it’s a reasonable option,” she said.

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Watch the Late Rosemont Mayor Don Stephens Address The City Club of Chicago on September 29, 2005, and Hear The Story of Rosemont in His Own Words.

Mayor Stephens in his own words describes the history of Rosemont and defines his vision for the future of Rosemont. Now sixteen years later and post pandemic, it is worth it to hear him speak to the past and the future and realize the visionary that he was in his own time. Mayor Don Stephens defined the blueprint for the Rosemont of today.

Watch Mayor Stephen’s presentation by clicking the link below:

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Poplar Creek

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