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Is Leyden High School SD212 a Good Steward of Tax Payer Money ?

So this was just delivered to every Leyden High School parent’s mailbox. This was clearly written and produced as if there was no pandemic. The information contained in this mailing was irrelevant before they mailed it. Each envelope cost $1.81 … Continue reading

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To Night is the Night In Norridge!!!

The Special Meeting of the Norridge Village Board is scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm this evening July 2, 2019 to accept the resignation of Village President Chmura and for the Board of Trustees to elect one of their own … Continue reading

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One More Thing On The Illinois Gas Tax Increase

The state’s new motor fuel tax of 38 cents a gallon will be tied to the Consumer Price Index effective July 2020. That means every March, the Illinois Department of Revenue will use federal inflation data from the previous 12 … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Even Parking In Illinois Is Going Up As Well As A New Government Tax Scheme on Purchases—-Car Dealers and Purchasers Will Feel Tax Pain

Did you know pursuant to a bill passed on the last day of the legislative session, the first $10,000 of trade-in value will go untaxed. After that, every dollar of trade-in value would be applied to the purchase price of … Continue reading

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