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Illinois Teacher Pension Costs Continue to Soar After the Current General Assembly Session to Placate the Unions At Taxpayer Costs

Sen. Jim Oberweis compromise plan ignored as teacher pension spiking provision slips through State Sen. Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove) believed he had a gentleman’s agreement with his Democratic counterparts to keep a cap in place that prevented teachers from spiking … Continue reading

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Help Fight the Westlake Hospital Closing

    Westlake Hospital was sold again…..2 weeks after the new owners signed the papers, it was find out on Facebook that Westlake was being closed!! They couldn’t even share this news with the employees, such cowards!! There was a … Continue reading

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The Leyden High School, Class of 2022 Has Found Itself in the Academic Vanguard !!! What Does This Mean For The Post Graduation Plans of the Students ?

In March of 2018, upon the recommendation of the senior Leyden SD 212 High School Administrative team, the Leyden High School Board SD 212, unanimously voted to abolish  school student class ranking for the incoming class of 2022 and all … Continue reading

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The Power to Tax Is Also The Power To Destroy

It’s no mystery why the people of Illinois find themselves in this mess. Lawmakers are making extravagant promises to give people things with other people’s money. Amusement taxes are just the latest and most convenient device to help them achieve … Continue reading

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The New Year Sees No Relief For Illinoisans’ From Ever Growing Property Tax Bills

A major reason for Illinoisans’ daunting property tax bills is the record number of local government bodies they’re supporting. Illinois, for example, is home to nearly 860 school districts, fifth-highest in the nation. Meanwhile, those districts serve the fifth-lowest number of … Continue reading

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Leyden High Schools To Have An E Learning Day on Monday, November 26, 2018

Tomorrow – Monday, November 26, 2018 will be an E-Learning Day at East and West Leyden schools at Leyden SD 212. Assignments will be available in @Schoology by 9:00 am. Students make sure to sign in for attendance purposes and … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Believin’: Jonathan Cane of Journey joined longtime baseball exec, Nick Colletti, both Leyden grads, as they returned for book signing

It was a very happy homecoming for Jonathan Cain when he visited Leyden High Schools on Nov. 12 to sign copies of his new book “Don’t Stop Believin’: The Man, The Band, and the Song That Inspired Generations.” The keyboardist … Continue reading

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O’Hare Area Is Getting a New Highway: I 490

I 490 is currently under construction to link I 90 (Jane Addams Tollroad) to I 294 (TriState Tollroad) with interchanges at Green Street/Franklin Avenue and at the intersect of I 294 and County Line Road, with the major interchange at … Continue reading

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Franklin Park Police Department Executes a Search Warrant for a Drug Investigation at a Home in Schiller Park

At 1:15 pm today, Sept 12th, the Franklin Park police executed a search warrant for drug activity at 3719 Ruby Street in Schiller Park, without a SchillerPark police car in sight. For weeks the residents of Twi-Lite Condos were complaining … Continue reading

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East Leyden Construction

Drone view of construction in May, 2018 360 • view of construction

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