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Pritzker calls Illinois a ‘firewall’ against Trump immigration policies, signs bills protecting undocumented children

YO PILLSBURY DOUGH BOY, YOU PUTTING ANY INK DOWN FOR OUR CHILDREN LAYING DEAD ON OUR CITY STREETS… Pritzker calls Illinois a ‘firewall’ against Trump immigration policies, signs bills protecting undocumented children The new laws would create a pathway for … Continue reading

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Betsy Ross Was Part of Massive Anti-Slavery Group

What social justice warriors like Kaepernick are unaware of is that the Quakers were one of the first religious groups in America to condemn slavery both in the U.S. and abroad. Ross was an anti-slavery Quaker who should be respected … Continue reading

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Mental Health Issues Plagued The Parkland, Florida Shooting

In World War I, the British and French shot hundreds of soldiers for cowardice after they deserted. Only years later was it was recognized that many of those soldiers were suffering from what we now call PTSD. Their problem was … Continue reading

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