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Leyden and Norwood Park Townships Need To Seriously Consider School District ConsolidationΒ 

One of the maddening aspects of the state’s ongoing financial crisis is that some obvious long-term solutions are rarely considered. One solution to the massive tax collections by state and local government is to reduce the number of local governments. … Continue reading

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Maybe It’s Time To Discuss the Consolidation of the Norwood Park Township Grammar Schools(SD79,SD80,SD86)

The word of the week is “consolidation”;  so lets think about consolidation of the three grammar school districts in Norwood Park Township into one grammar school District. A day does not go by that there is some news regarding the … Continue reading

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My Goal for All Parishioners: Be Passionate, Be Concerned, Be Involved in the Chicago Archdiocese Parish Consolidation Process

I am going to open with my closing thoughts from an earlier posting on this topic of Chicago Archdiocese parish consolidation: “My closing thoughts: Β I think this is a great opportunity for all people and for the archdiocese. We have … Continue reading

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