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Of toilets and contractors: Is Pritzker up to the job of renovating Illinois? – Chicago Tribune

  Of toilets and contractors: Is Pritzker up to the job of renovating Illinois? – Chicago Tribune — Read on,amp.html Advertisements

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Franklin Park Police Department Executes a Search Warrant for a Drug Investigation at a Home in Schiller Park

At 1:15 pm today, Sept 12th, the Franklin Park police executed a search warrant for drug activity at 3719 Ruby Street in Schiller Park, without a SchillerPark police car in sight. For weeks the residents of Twi-Lite Condos were complaining … Continue reading

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“Pity The Nation Whose People Are Sheep………”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti decades ago wrote and it gives me chills to read it today: “Pity the nation whose people are sheep, and whose shepherds mislead them. Pity the nation whose leaders are liars, whose sages are silenced, and whose bigots … Continue reading

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Can Speaker Madigan Survive ?

That’s the big unknown. What else is out there? Lots and lots of rumors are jetting through the gossip-sphere, but nobody has yet come forward. Madigan has been in power for so long that the odds are pretty darned good … Continue reading

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California’s Proposition 65 rules brew trouble for small businesses, such as coffee shops.

Mind you, you would have to drink 64 liters of roasted coffee brew a day to reach carcinogenic levels. Safe daily intake level of acrylamide before neurotoxic level is even higher at 40 μg/kg per day, equivalent to 6222 cups … Continue reading

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