Chicago Teachers Union Demands Remote Learning Only This Fall

The Chicago Teachers Union is demanding that city schools continue remote learning in the fall, making the case that there’s no way to safely bring students into school as cases of COVID-19 increase.

“The only plan CPS has available right now is one that mitigates harm, which means there is still risk and people will still encounter harm,” CTU president Jesse Sharkey wrote in a letter to the public.

This declaration came on the same day Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised the school district would be unveiling its plan soon for the coming school year. CPS said a preliminary framework for the new school is expected by the end of the week. Lightfoot indicated her plan will include in-person instruction, but that it may be adjusted if the COVID-19 situation changes

“We’re not going to make that decision in mid-July, when school doesn’t reopen until after Labor Day,” Lightfoot said. In the past, she has talked about the need to have classes in session, especially for younger students who may struggle online. School is scheduled to resume on Sept. 8.

In a statement, CPS spokesman Michael Passman added that the school reopening framework “will be introduced this week to gain feedback from students, parents and staff, but a decision on the potential for in-person instruction will not be made until closer to the school year when we can fully assess the public health situation at that time.”

“The health and safety of our students and staff is paramount,” he said, “and our planning for the fall will be guided by the best available data and guidance from state and local health officials.”

Lightfoot caused some alarm earlier this week when she said a final decision on school reopening plans wouldn’t come until late August.

Wednesday morning, she clarified that the school district will be giving parents an idea of what to expect so they can plan for it.

But the union got in front of the mayor and school district by releasing a 10-page report Wednesday evening that lists demands for safely returning to school buildings. Depending on whether instruction is all or partially in-person, it estimates it would cost between $450 million and $1.7 billion.

Among the many demands for going back to school buildings, the union is calling for class sizes of no more than 12 students, extra services for disabled students to make up what was lost during the shutdown and wide-ranging mental health support for students and school staff who have been traumatized.

The union also is pushing for measures that will help communities in general, including paid sick leave for parents and more contract tracing.

Meanwhile, parents and teachers in Chicago have become increasingly frustrated that the school district has held off announcing firm plans. The Los Angeles Unified School District announced earlier this week that school will continue to be online when it opens on Aug. 18. And New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said classroom attendance at schools in his city will only be in-person one to three days a week this fall.

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Today, Pritzker Warned Parents To Expect A School Year This Fall Unlike Any Other They Have Ever Seen

Gov. J.B. Pritzker warned parents today to prepare for a semester unlike “any other” as school districts grapple with the need to require masks, social distancing and remote learning options to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Pritzker, today said school districts must have options to provide for remote learning, not just for at-risk students and families, but also in case “things get worse.”

Pritzker also said his confidence level in leading the state through the pandemic was high after case numbers started dipping in May, but acknowledged he now feels “challenged” due to nationwide spikes and an uptick in Illinois.

“If those rules are followed and if we can maintain and push down the numbers as we watch them in Illinois, then I would say that there can be in-person learning. And again, not for everybody,” he said, specifically pointing to children and families with immunocompromised systems.

“So we have to be very, very careful. This is not going to be a school semester like any other that I’m aware of. Just be prepared for that fact. It’s just really going to be that way, no matter what. Even if we keep our numbers down, this virus has not gone away,” he said.

Pritzker announced school reopening guidelines on June 23, giving deference to local school districts. But questions about oversight remained, and the Illinois State Board of Education acknowledged it would not review individual district plans.

At the time, Pritzker sought to downplay the lack of state oversight, saying, “Every superintendent, every teacher, every person that works in the school, paraprofessionals, not to mention the students and families, all have the same interest — which is to keep these children and the people who work there safe.”

The state guidance to bring students back into classrooms calls for face coverings and suggests social distancing “as much as possible.” It also limits gatherings to under 50, requests increased schoolwide cleaning and disinfecting, and symptom screening and temperature checks for people entering schools.

The state’s major teachers unions questioned the adequacy of the guidelines with Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery saying they appeared more “aspirational” than grounded in “reality” with no certification that safety rules would be implemented and practiced.

The issue of school opening has become a political one with President Donald Trump insisting on a return to full time in-person instruction and warning of the withholding of federal funding for districts that do not comply.

At Thursday’s White House briefing, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Trump wants schools to open, “and when he says open, he means open and full, kids being able to attend each and every day at their school. The science should not stand in the way of this.”

Pritzker on Thursday said school districts must have options to provide for remote learning, not just for at-risk students and families, but also in case “things get worse.”

Remote learning, he acknowledged, was “not nearly as good as in-person learning, there’s no doubt,” but said districts must have “hybrid opportunities” due to “this very uncertain world of novel coronavirus.”

Pritzker acknowledged that as the state headed toward its pandemic peak this spring, with rising cases, hospitalizations and deaths, “my confidence level was low about everything.”

“As we came down the other side of that peak, my confidence level raised,” he said. “Now that we have a massive uptick in cases all across the country, my confidence level is challenged.

“And then I look at the state of Illinois, and although we’ve had a mild uptick, it’s one that I watch every day because anybody that knows anything about epidemics knows that when you have a mild uptick, there’s an indicator you’re heading in the wrong direction and it may multiply. So we want to make sure we get a handle on that,” he said.

Illinois has seen its rolling seven-day average of positive testing increase to 3.1% from as low as 2% last month. The average number of positive cases has increased from 622 a day three weeks ago to 1,039 a day this week, through Wednesday, based on statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

The state on Tuesday announced 1,257 new known cases of the coronavirus in Illinois, along with 25 deaths. That brings the total number of known cases since the pandemic began to 157,950, and the death toll to 7,251.

Pritzker called on bar and restaurant owners to be “extra careful and vigilant” in following public health guidelines and capacity limits to avoid the potential for creating outbreaks that could lead to business shutdowns.

“I realize there’s an incentive, you know, to have more and more people. That’s been historically your incentive. ‘Let’s have more people come to the restaurant or bar.’ But right now, if that happens and there are outbreaks, you’ll end up getting shut down, and you may end up shutting down all the bars or restaurants,” he said.

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Bill de Blasio Once Was Warren Wilhelm, Jr Who Wanted To End Capitalism and Replace It With Democratic Socialism

In 1984, de Blasio worked for the Urban Fellows Program at the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice.[26][27] In 1987, shortly after completing graduate school at Columbia, de Blasio was hired to work as a political organizer by the Quixote Center in Maryland. In 1988, he traveled with the Quixote Center to Nicaragua for 10 days to help distribute food and medicine during the Nicaraguan Revolution. De Blasio was an ardent supporter of the ruling socialistgovernment, the Sandinista National Liberation Front, which was opposed by the Reagan administration at the time.[27] After returning from Nicaragua, de Blasio moved to New York City, where he worked for a nonprofit organization focused on improving health care in Central America.[27] He continued to support the Sandinistas in his spare time and joined a group called the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, which held meetings and fundraisers for the Sandinista political party.[27]De Blasio’s introduction to city politics came in 1989, when he worked as a volunteer coordinator for David Dinkins mayoral campaign.[28] Following the campaign, de Blasio was an aide in City Hall.[29][28] In 1990, he described himself as an advocate for democratic socialism when asked about his goals for society.[27]

U.S. Representative Charles Rangel tapped de Blasio to be his campaign manager for his successful 1994 reelection bid.[30] In 1997, he was appointed to serve as the regional director for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for New York and New Jersey under the administration of President Bill Clinton. As the tri-state region’s highest-ranking HUD official, de Blasio led a small executive staff and took part in outreach to residents of substandard housing.[31][32] In 1999, he was elected to be a school board member for Brooklyn School District 15.[33]The following year, he served as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton‘s successful United States Senate bid.

De Blasio and his wife, activist and poet Chirlane McCray, met while both were working for Mayor Dinkins’ administration and married in 1994.[194] The couple honeymooned in Cuba in violation of a U.S. travel ban.[195] They lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, before moving into Gracie Mansion,[196] the traditional residence of New York City mayors. They have two children: Dante, a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School who graduated from Yale University in 2019,[197] and Chiara, a student at Santa Clara University in California.[63][194][198] Chiara addressed her drug use and depression in late December 2013, in a four-minute video the mayor’s transition team released.[199]

At 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m), de Blasio is the tallest mayor in New York City’s history.[200]

De Blasio, an Italian American, regularly conducts interviews, press conferences, and speeches in Italian.[201][202][203]

Despite being mayor of New York, de Blasio is a passionate fan of the New York Yankees‘ archrivals, having said he has a “deep devotion” to the Boston Red Sox.[204

Bill de Blasio
— Read on

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Leyden Summer Theatre 2020 Is Proud To Present Tut Tut Virtually at 7 pm on You Tube, Friday, July 10, 2020

Leyden Summer Theatre 2020 is proud to present a One Night Only LIVE! Virtual Presentation of TUT, TUT!

Click this link to view the presentation today at 7PM!


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UPDATE ———Chicago Exporting Murder To The Suburbs——Coming To A Suburban Town Near You—-Police: More than 60 shots fired in fatal Roselle shooting

UPDATE——-One person was killed and four others wounded in a June 27 shooting at this house on the 100 block of Picton Road in Roselle.

In their first substantial statement since the shooting, Roselle police on Tuesday said more than 60 shots were fired in the fracas.

More than 60 gunshots were fired during a fracas at a rented house June 27 in Roselle in which one man was killed and four people were wounded, Roselle police said Tuesday.

Responding officers “were met with resistance” as they approached the home and tried to aid those who were shot, police said in a statement. No Roselle officers fired their weapons.

The police statement is the first substantial release of information since the day of the shootings, which occurred at a rented house in the first block of Picton Road.

Police gave the name of the man killed as James Elm of Maywood, though DuPage County Coroner Richard Jorgensen previously identified him as 29-year-old Jamez Elem.

Police said the first shots came around 1:30 a.m. when someone opened fire with a handgun inside the house.

“It further appears that several other people at the incident also began firing handguns within the home. In total, over 60 gunshots were fired leaving one dead and four injured. No guns were fired by Roselle police officers,” the statement said.

The statement said many at the party left after the initial gunshots. “Few, if any, of the partygoers or victims are cooperating with the police or investigators in this case,” the statement said.

The statement did not indicate whether anyone is in custody. Roselle detectives, investigators from the MERIT major crimes task force, forensic unit investigators and the DuPage County state’s attorney’s office are working on the case.

Anyone with information was asked to contact police.

“In the days of social media, we see many rumors being passed along about this case. The Roselle Police Department needs to assemble as much valid information on this case as possible, we need to protect those victims in this case and bring those responsible to justice,” the statement said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Sgt. Robert Gates at (630) 671-4027 or email him at

ORIGINAL POST——Chicago residents from Chicago Police District 11 rented a party house in Roselle . The news media is missing the growing problem in the Chicago suburbs. Everyone is distracted by the horrific numbers in the City and missing this migration of the problems to the suburbs where police are not experienced with Chicago style street gangs.

  • Multiple people were shot and one was killed in a shooting in west suburban Roselle early Saturday morning, police said.

    Roselle police responded about 1:30 a.m. June 27th to a report of multiple shots fired in the area of Picton and Roselle roads.

    When officers arrived, they found multiple people had been shot and one was killed. Police did not immediately provide an exact number of shooting victims.

This has only been covered by a few small news outlets in the suburbs.

One dead and six wounded it turns out. Kind of an odd occurrence for suburban Roselle (87% white, median income $82,000). But then an e-mailer told us that it is home to a couple of those AirBnb’s and this shooting happened at one that rents for a few thousand dollars per weekend. It’s seems 200 guests showed up for a birthday party, all from the 011 District, and the usual 011 mayhem followed them to the leafy streets of Roselle.

Until the morning of the 27th of June, 2020:

Roselle is a suburb of Chicago and is a village located in both DuPage County and Cook in Illinois, United States. Located in the northeastern part of the state, Roselle was first incorporated in 1922 and is a bedroom community, with residents generally commuting to Chicago or nearby suburbs for their jobs. As of the 2010 census, the village’s population was 22,763.[3] Roselle is a western suburb of Chicago and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area.

According to the data crunched by Movoto, Roselle is home to the 13th lowest violent crime in the places they reviewed. Low total crime scores make Roselle a secure place for Residents, who have only a 1 in 72 chance of being the victim of a crime.

See below for the activities of CPD District 11

Wanted Fugitives

We guess that’s one way to keep the shootings down in the city – rent suburban party houses.

Maybe Groot can start a GoFundMe page?

Investigators and forensic examiners from the DuPage Metropolitan Emergency Response and Investigations Team are assisting Roselle detectives in the case.


Remember yesterday when I posted that a source said downtown had been destroyed? At the time I didn’t know what that person meant as it was sent in an early morning text. Now we do. Read what one woman says about this weekend in Chicago in an open letter to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She is disgusted and after reading this, you may be as well.

(copied and pasted since the settings on the post did did not have a share button.)

July 5, 2020

Mayor Lightfoot,

Regarding last night’s attacks on Michigan Ave., the Loop and the Chicago Police Department. I feel the need to speak out about the following events. The Red Line was used to facilitate mass crowds of people heading into the shopping districts and their surrounding areas. Stores and businesses, who have had to replace the glass on their store fronts due to your allowing protesters and terrorists destroy Chicago just a month ago, have had the newly replaced glass smashed again! Also, Chicago Police Officers had numerous things thrown at them, not to mention firecrackers. People out in our city trying to enjoy the 4th of July evening were terrorized. Last, but not least cars, windows, pretty much anything that could be broken or harmed was last night.

Not to mention, last weekend, I believe, there were hordes of people in Boystown without masks roaming the streets and causing chaos. They jumped on a squad with officers in the vehicle. They pounced up and down on the hood and roof of the car, threw stuff at the officers in the car all the while taunting and jeering at them. The officers were the picture of professionalism. They then moved onto a CTA bus, jumped on the from bumper, climbed on the bus and appeared to try and rock the bus back and forth.

Somehow, yet again, you fail to see in our Chicago Police Officers, Fire Fighters, CTA Personnel, Streets & San along with CDOT, all the departments in Chicago, the hardship they endure because you have failed to protect the City of Chicago. You have let it be known that it is okay to come into Chicago and cause chaos, have a melee, do anything you damn well please. It’s known the Mayor and the media don’t care, unless it is a city professional that is trying to do their job, whether protecting lives and property, saving people, making sure people get to where they need be, keep the city clean and repair our roads, and unless that person is offended or injured, by a city employee, you don’t care.

You and the media only care when a city employee can be disparaged. You will notify the media when you feel a city employee has stepped out of line. You will let the media know the most minor infraction and how you are going to handle this and this behavior won’t be tolerated. How about your behavior, Mayor Lightfoot. Explain to me why you let our city burn and harmed so many businesses. Many of which won’t be able to come back. Explain to me why our city is still under attack by these mobs. Explain to me why you hired 50 armed and unarmed security guards to roam the west and south sides that literally participated in foot chases all night. Please explain to me, another child’s death in the city.

Another child killed on the street, another family crushed. Not to mention the other men, women and children killed under your tenure. Families ruined by losses so big they’ll never be the same.

So, when you start work next week, tell the media that officer’s were lined up to keep the compression’s going while administering CPR to the latest victims of gunfire. Tell them that the paramedics and the fire department raced to save the lives of these people. Tell them how seasoned personnel wept at the sight of that poor child and the horror of innocent lives taken to soon.
In closing, the City of Chicago and it’s residents are under great strain and peril. Your lack of leadership and direction is becoming dangerous for all of us. I sincerely hope that you have thought of a strategy to keep us safe. Hopefully it will be much better than what you have done to all of us so far.


Kathie Mahoney Kathie

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UPDATE——–Will Leyden High Schools For the Fall of 2020 Be Utilizing A Hybrid Learning Model——The Community Is Getting a Mixed Message—-Can the Truth Be Told ?

UPDATE: After the posting of the information below, Leyden High School District 212 has revised their information and posted the following:


July 2, 2020 

Dear Leyden Families,

In an effort to engage in effective and ongoing communication during this critical time, we are writing to provide you with an update on our plans to reopen our school district for the upcoming school year. 

Our Fall 2020-21 reopening working groups have been hard at work preparing for several scenarios when it comes to what teaching and learning will look like in the 2020-21 school year based on the latest guidelines provided by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). The following scenarios prioritize the health and safety of our students, staff, and community while maintaining a dynamic learning environment. 

The current guidelines present many challenges for large comprehensive high schools.  For example, we cannot allow more than 50 students in a given space.  That includes cafeterias, gyms, fieldhouses, etc.  We need to maintain 6 feet of social distancing as much as possible and all students and staff will need to wear masks while at school.  We will be providing every student with two 3-ply cotton masks so that they can wear one to school and wash the other one nightly.  Temperature checks will be conducted daily both at our entrances and before students board our school buses.  Any student with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to enter the building or board a school bus.

We want to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of the entire Leyden community while also maximizing the academic experience.  With that in mind, we are currently planning for a hybrid learning experience when we start in the Fall.

  • Hybrid Learning: Teaching and learning with students experiencing both at-home and on-campus learning. 
    • Students will be split in half alphabetically and will attend school for half days (alternating between morning and afternoon sessions) every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)  We will disinfect common touch points in the building daily between the morning and afternoon sessions.
    • The schools will be closed on Wednesdays for deep cleaning and disinfection.  This will also happen every weekend.
    • Students will receive three virtual lessons per week on Schoology and will have two in-person lessons per course per week.
    • If necessary, we will adjust our approach to a 25% model where only one-fourth of our students are in the building at a time.
  • Remote Learning 2.0: In the event that our region of Illinois regresses to Phase 3 or due to public health concerns, students and staff will engage in all-remote E-learning, similar to the final few months of the previous school year.

*For details on our reopening plan, see a video message from Superintendent Nick Polyak here. 

As part of our work in developing a reopening plan, we will be sending a survey to parents in the next few weeks to learn about your views regarding reopening. Feedback is an important part of our process as it helps us ensure that we meet the needs of our school community. 

We have established a web page where you can find updates related to the reopening of our schools. This includes communications, messages from the superintendent, potential school schedule changes, and meal service procedures. 

Please note that our plan is flexible and that we will need to adapt as the situation surrounding COVID-19 evolves and we receive further guidance from the ISBE and IDPH.

To that end, we will regularly update you as our plans continue to take shape.  Thank you for your continuous support. 

With #leydenpride,

Dr. Nick Polyak



Sources at Leyden High School are circulating that it has been decided that for the Fall, 2020 opening of East and West Leyden High Schools the district will be using a “Hybrid Learning Model”.

Which means that the teaching and learning for students will both at-home and on-campus learning.

Yet that’s contrary to the You Tube statement of Dr Polyak on June 30, 2020.

Credible sources are telling parents and students it has been decided that Leyden students will be split in half alphabetically and will attend school for half days (alternating between morning and afternoon sessions) every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

SD 212 building staff will disinfect common touch points in the buildings daily between the morning and afternoon sessions.

The schools will be closed on Wednesdays for deep cleaning and disinfection. This will also happen every weekend.

Students will receive three virtual lessons per week on Schoology and will have two in-person lessons per course per week.

If necessary, SD 212 will adjust their approach to a 25% model where only one-fourth of our students are in the building at a time.

Remote Learning 2.0:

In the event that our region of Illinois regresses to Phase 3 or due to public health concerns, students and staff will engage in all-remote E-learning, similar to the final few months of the previous school year.

Clearly the SD 212 administration has decided on a plan but have failed to clearly convey it to the students and families. Instead this information is being “leaked” out to the community increasing concerns and anxiety among all. The You Tube release by Dr Polyak in June 30, 2020 indicated that they were still deciding. See my previous Blog Post :

So who is telling the truth ?

Dr Polyak, or numerous staff and faculty members indicating the decisions and the plans already have been reached.

Honesty by the administration is needed at this time to allay the concerns of the students and parents! This mixed message only increases distrust of the system and heightens frustration. Let’s get it right.

What is the true plan ?

The community needs clarification

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Fall 2020, Planning for Reopening Of Leyden High Schools – As of June 30, 2020

Dr Nick Polyak presents the current plans for Fall, 2020, reopening on Leyden High Schools under Governor Pritzker phase 4.

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UPDATED——-Schiller Park Police are Looking for the Suspect in the Murder at Chasers UPDATED—-Suspects Apprehended

Updated June 29, 2020

Police are searching for a man wanted for questioning in connection with a fatal stabbing at a Schiller Park bar early Saturday morning.

Giovanny Arzate Pineda, 29, suffered a stab wound to his abdomen around 1:30 a.m. at Chaser’s Bar on the 4200 block of Old River Road in Schiller Park, according to a police report.

Pineda succumbed to his injuries and was later pronounced dead at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, according to police. 

Police said they’re looking for Kasim Askar, 28, who is wanted for questioning in connection with the fatal stabbing.


On June 27, 2020, at approximately 1:30 A.M., an incident occurred at Chaser’s Bar, 4255 Old River Road, Schiller Park, IL. During the incident, a victim, 29 year old Giovanny Arzate Pineda, suffered a stab wound to his abdomen. He later succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. Wanted for questioning was 28 year old Kasim Askar, who was last seen driving a 2015 Lexus with Illinois registration BX91916.

Thanks to the hard work of the Schiller Park Police Investigators, along with the assistance of MCAT, as of 10:30 A.M. today, Askar and a co-offender are both in custody pending the approval of charges through the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

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Schiller Park Officials Need To End Their Tolerance of The Growing Crime In The Village and Take Aggressive Actions to Control The Criminal Conduct, Get Tough Schiller Park !!!

As President of a condo association in Schiller Park I am increasingly concerned over how Schiller Park government is handling crime in the town.

In in September of 2018, Franklin Park PD conducted a drug raid in a building adjacent to our condo association buildings, yet the criminal pursuits continue to grow in that building unchecked. A double homicide suspect was arrested at the Motel Six in Schiller Park, clearly criminal feel safe lodging in Schiller Park.

Last weekend the Manager of Chasers at Old River Road and River Rd in Schiller Park after he closed up for the night. This weekend, there was a stabbing in the parking lot of Chasers with the victim dying.

Man Wanted for Questioning in Fatal Schiller Park Bar Stabbing

The “Thugfest” at Chaser’s must end, before the crime spills in the neighborhoods.

Schiller Park must end the “gang bangers” residing at the Motel Six along with the drug traffic and prostitution that they bring to Schiller Park and the surrounding suburbs.

A gang banger was arrested this week by Chicago at Motel 6 for a double homicide in Chicago .

Laroy Battle, 19, Charged With Murder Of 2 Teenage Boys In South Chicago

Numerous other major criminal events have occurred throughout Schiller Park in the last 2 years including at Grace and Irving Park Road.

Schiller Park needs to enforce the laws that are currently on the books such as the crime free housing ordinance” as well as the criminal statutes. Those bars not adhering to controlling their patrons should have their liquor licenses suspended or in some cases revoked. The motels harboring gang bangers as well as being a location of drug trafficking and prostitution should have their business licenses revoked. The apartments at River Road and Irving are being infiltrated by a “bad element”. Schiller Park needs to protect the residents and good businesses in Schiller Park. Get tough Schiller Park !!!

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After 65 Years, Schiller Park Changes Waste Haulers From Groot To Flood Brothers

The Village has a new Waste Hauler, Flood Brothers Disposal Co. for a Five-Year Contract for Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste services.

The new contract includes a new weekly pickup day of Tuesday and includes all the same services you are used to. The first collection day by Flood Brothers will be Tuesday, August 4th.

You should receive a welcome packet from Flood Brothers in the mail within the next 10 days which will include a program brochure and other helpful information. As part of the new contract you will receive a new 95-gallon garbage cart and a new 65-gallon recycling cart. Your new carts will be delivered the week of July 27th (several days before you need them). 

Groot will continue pickup on Fridays until their contract concludes at the end of July. Groot’s final pickup day will be Friday, July 31st

After that final pickup Groot will come back to get their garbage and recycling carts. After pickup on July 31stplease leave your Groot carts empty, and somewhere visible and accessible, so Groot can easily retrieve them – preferably at the curb in front of your home.

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