Rosemont Horizon Collapse Story Airs On The Science Channel

The Science Channel on your local cable provider is now airing a segment on the collapse of the Rosemont Horizon during its construction phase. Today it is known as the Allstate Arena. You can find it on the Science Channel in the series called Engineering Catastrophes as Season 5, Episode 1.

I helped bring this story as it’s told to production; I feel that it is a tribute to those who were injured and killed constructing it 4 decades ago. I think and pray for those everytime I attend an event there, drive past there, and for sure I pause and remember every year on August 13th.

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Non Compete Agreements—Are They Unfair ?

A 40-year non-compete agreement for a $12 an hour customer service representative. But it gets even better: There’s a provision in the Agreement that says if the employee breaches the non-compete, they owe the company $3 MILLION in liquidated damages.

In 10+ years and literally 1,000+ non-compete matters, I have never seen anything so absurd.

But this is what you get in Florida. This is what you get when powerful people and powerful lawyers create a culture that (a) normalizes abusive non-compete agreements and (b) doesn’t punish companies that engage in these sorts of shenanigans.

Where is the U.S. Department of Justice? Where is the Florida Office of the Attorney General? Where is the Federal Trade Commission? Where is literally ANYBODY other than me, my firm and my colleagues doing anything about non-compete abuse?

If you care about the rights of poor people, working people, and middle class people, then you need to start caring about non-compete abuse.

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Study shows contact with police may be detrimental to health, well-being of Black youth

Study shows contact with police may be detrimental to health, well-being of Black youth | UIC Today

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Should You Register Your Private Home Camera System with the Local Police Department ? Schiller Park Is Asking You To Do So. Is it a good idea ?

To register or not to register your home security surveillance system, that is the question. With home security and surveillance systems becoming more ubiquitous all the time, the Schiller Park police now want you to register your camera with the department. 

I heard a police officer this morning on the radio expounding on all of the virtues of this new registration system on my drive to the office. Its voluntary he says, the police will never force you to provide your footage he claims, it simply allows them to quickly access evidence if a crime is committed in your neighborhood. 

Heck why wouldn’t you help your community solve crimes. Ahh, but as Lee Corso might say on college gameday, Not so fast!! What are the potential problems or concerns with carte blanche access to video of your property. Well, there are several things you may want to consider before you register with the new Schiller Park camera registration program.

Before I detail them, however, I’d like to give a brief reminder of the perspective from which I write, as I will be pointing out that the rest of the information you have heard on this program is from the Schiller Park police department.  (I always recommend investigating the background or perspective of anyone giving advice or opinions, lest you believe what the news tells you and find out it wasn’t the whole story! But I digress… )

I am a civil and criminal trial lawyer.  I work with and for families who have suffered profound trauma or loss in their lives. My partners do criminal trial work and I certainly know their perspective as well, but mine is unique.  The police and I are typically on the same side in my civil litigation.   I represent victims of wrongdoing, with such wrongdoing often then being the subject of police investigations.  In turn, the police often aid in our investigation of the wrongdoing and even testify for me in court on a regular basis.  Additonally, I have had the pleasure and honor of representing numerous police officers and their families when they have been the victims of accidents or other wrongdoing. The police officers I have represented have been some of the finest human beings with whom I have had the privilege of working.

On the other hand, my partners have had the unfortunate experience to deal with some of the minority of law enforcement who are not as virtuous.  In some instances, they have witnessed police officers misrepresent facts in reports or in court.  In the worst circumstances, some lawyers in our office have experienced officers outright lie.  This is not representative of law enforcement in general in my opinion. The exception should certaintly not be viewed to exemplify the profession. 

However, it does occur. So when a command or staff police officer claims that the footage will never be used for any improper purpose, he or she makes such claims with the presumption that all officers will utilize the video ethically.  While his perspective is not necessarily unreasonable, there are certainly exceptions.

For example, what if police contacted you after you registered your home security camera with Schiller Park Police Department.  What harm could there be in letting the police simply access your whole system?  Well, let’s say it stores video footage from the last 30 days.  And let’s say your 20 year old lived with you during the summer before he returned to college 25 days ago.  Unbeknownst to you, he had a buddy over and they each drank one beer on your porch while you were at dinner one night.    Big deal?  Maybe to some, not to others.  But technically probably a crime.  An overzealous young officer wanting to impress his superiors with an extra collar could charge your child even though you were simply trying to help support local law enforcement.  Is that right?  Not for me to judge necessarily but, legally justifiable?  Probably.

Or what if your wife simply let the dog out back, which is shielded by trees, but covered by your surveillance system… while in her underwear, or less? 

Would most officers watch that footage while reviewing the rest for the alleged cime?  Probably not.  But an unscrupulous few? Possibly.

So if the police tell you that they won’t force you to give it to them. Really?

Once you register it they know you have it and can subpoena it.  Subpoena power affords them the ability to force you to give it to them whether you want to or not. And some surveillance is simply the front door, but some is inside and out. Will they review footage that might contain very private matters if the evidence is only of a porch pirate? 

Hopefully not but what is to stop them? My partners have had police surveillance systems surreptitiously record their privileged conversations with their clients and then had prosecutors turn around and try to use those privileged communications against someone. 

What if you a have a conversation in your living room with your lawyer, or your wife, or your minister, all of which are legally privileged, that is caught on your own surveillance system? 

Would they use it against you?  Prosecutors have tried before.

And how long will they keep footage of your home? 

Where will they keep it?

Will that video of your wife in her underwear be destroyed?

Locked in a vault? Be kept on some of the police computers?

Some officers’ phones? 

Will they catalog it or otherwise use information about your home for data collection?  What if you spank your child? 

Is that child abuse? 

Would they share that with DHS?

Would they share your private footage with other law enforcement if asked? 

What if the ACLU makes an open records request for the footage which contains sensitive or private personal video of you or your family? 

Can they protect it?  Would they?

The point of this blog is not to advise you whether or not to participate in the police department private camera registration progam.  That is up to you. 

The point is to make sure you sufficiently and thoughtfully consider the implications.  Anytime the government is afforded or takes additional power, that power has the possibility of being abused.

And almost every time, it eventually is. 

Has the NSA turned its initially just and necessary covert surveillance of enemies, towards its own US citizens?  The ACLU says yes.   Will the Schiller Park Police Department?  I hope not.  The department says no.  I believe that they probably believe that.

But is that hope enough to give the police carte blanche view of my home, inside and out?

Probably not for me. 

Is it for you?

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Important College Considerations

Your child is getting ready to head to college. Between making sure they have their textbooks and everything needed to furnish their dorm, there are some legal documents that you should have in place. Many of these documents will be handy to have should a medical or other emergency occur and you need to make decisions on behalf of your college student.
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Waiver

Because your child is now a legal adult, you don’t have automatic access to information about them regarding their education. This includes access to information about their grades, academic records or disciplinary actions. Even if you’re paying your child’s #tuition, the #FERPA Waiver is needed to have access to any of their school records. Ask your child’s university to see if they have the forms on hand. If not, you can easily find a copy of this waiver online.

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Roy F. McCampbell’s Blog for the Second Year in a Row is Named to the Top 30 Political Satire Blogs and Websites in 2021

Top 30 Political Satire Blogs and Websites in 2021

Aug 25, 2021 · Roy F. McCampbell’s Blog Chicago, Illinois, US Roy F. McCampbell is an Attorney, Special Ed Advocate, Speaker and Author. He started a blog so everyone can read his thoughts and observations, ending conjecture. Sarcasm and Silliness by a Resident of Leyden Township.

Roy F McCampbell’s Blog made the number 10 spot in the Top 30 Political Satire Blogs and Websites for 2021. This is up from the number 16 spot on the Top 30 in 2020.

Thank you to all of my readers and supporters.

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Leyden Student Board Members Sound Off On COVID-Related Issues—–Concerns are Raised if SD 212 Was Prepared for the Return of the Students Beyond Telling the Students to Wear Masks

The Leyden High School student trustees sounded off at the August 19th Board meeting. Read the story at the link below:

There are numerous strategies that need to be employed beyond “just wearing your mask” by Leyden School District 212.

Ask questions when you attend the Leyden High School “Open House” and require that the District gives you answers about the health and safety of your children who are attending the classes in the building

The parents need to attend board meetings and ask the questions and require honest answers.

Now questions are surfacing whether or not Leyden SD 212 Administrators have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure the health of the students attending. With the over crowded buses there has been little to no effort for proper air flow on the buses.

Information has now surfaced that many of the older sections of East and West Leyden have little to no proper air flow in the over crowded hallways during the class changes.

At the same SD 212 Board meeting that the student trustees raised the out cry regarding the issues; the Board adopted life safety amendments for over the next 10 years to up grade the school district air handling and ventilation systems in the older sections of the buildings, yet the District spent 10’s of millions of dollars in building additions to make the buildings look like the “Taj Mahal” but failed to upgrade the air handling systems of the buildings which even before Covid-19 directly impact the health of the children and the staff.

In 2018, I pursued the District to up grade some of the ventilation in the East side of East Leyden; this was done grudgingly at a cost of $6 million dollars and I was portrayed as the bad guy by Administrators of the District. This upgrade was done in the summer of 2019; yet instead of pursuing the complete upgrade of the ventilation and air handling systems of East Leyden, they proceeded to sink millions of dollars into artificial track and artificial turf, and stadium seating for soccer and football fields during the height of the pandemic.

The District has failed to address the ventilation systems at West Leyden when they were plotting the massive building projects costing millions of dollars; what did they do at West Leyden this summer was to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars to repair and restore mosaics in the brick work.

The District needs to now seek emergency measures to improve the air quality and air handling in the buildings for a more safe and effective way of providing high quality air turnover to protect the students.

“Just wearing a mask” is not the answer. The Administration knows better and is hiding their “head in the sand”. If the cases of Covid-19 continues to rise at SD 212 we need to question whether the Administration is doing all they can to protect the students and faculty.

Where is the faculty union ? The CPS Teacher’s union demanded and got ventilation upgrades in CPS schools.

Complaints are surfacing that students don’t have access to drinking water and are coming home quite thirsty.

The District is not employing many of the “best practices” of the CDC as outlined below.

Ventilation is one component of maintaining healthy environments, and is an important COVID-19 prevention strategy for schools and childcare programs. Wearing a well-fitting, multi-layer mask helps prevent virus particles from entering the air or being breathed in by the person wearing a mask. Good ventilation is another step that can reduce the number of virus particles in the air. Along with other preventive actions, ventilation can reduce the likelihood of spreading disease. Below are ways you can improve ventilation in your school or childcare program, whether in a large building or in a home:

Bring in as much outdoor air as possible.

  • If safe to do so, open windows and doors. Even just cracking open a window or door helps increase outdoor airflow, which helps reduce the potential concentration of virus particles in the air. If it gets too cold or hot, adjust the thermostat. Do not open windows or doors if doing so poses a safety or health risk (such as falling, exposure to extreme temperatures, or triggering asthma symptoms).
  • Use child-safe fans to increase the effectiveness of open windows. Safely secure fans in a window to blow potentially contaminated air out and pull new air in through other open windows and doors.
  • Consider having activities, classes, or lunches outdoors when circumstances allow.

Ensure Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) settings are maximizing ventilation.

  • Make sure your ventilation systems are serviced and meeting code requirements. They should provide acceptable indoor air quality, as defined by ASHRAE Standard 62.1external icon, for the current occupancy level for each space.* Home-based childcare programs should meet requirements established by their state and local regulatory authorities.
  • Set HVAC systems to bring in as much outdoor air as your system will safely allow. Reduce or eliminate HVAC air recirculation, when practical and with expert HVAC consultation.*
  • Increase the HVAC system’s total airflow supply to occupied spaces when you can. More air flow encourages air mixing and ensures any recirculated air passes through the filter more frequently.
  • Disable demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) controls that reduce air supply based on occupancy or temperature. This way the air supply will remain constant throughout the day.
  • For simple HVAC systems controlled by a thermostat, setting the fan control switch from “Auto” to “On” will ensure the HVAC system provides continuous air filtration and distribution.
  • Consider running the HVAC system at maximum outside airflow for 2 hours before and after the building is occupied to refresh air before arrival and remove remaining particles at the end of the day.

Open windows in transportation vehicles.Ventilation is important on buses and vans servicing schools and childcare programs, along with other strategies such as mask use for people over 2 years old and physical distancing.

Keep vehicle windows open when it does not create a safety or health hazard. Having more windows open is more helpful, but even just cracking a few windows open is better than keeping all windows closed.

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Divorce attorneys brace for exes battling over kids getting COVID-19 vaccine

Brad Novak, a divorced father from Lansing, got COVID-19 himself but said there are too many unknowns for him to be comfortable getting his 13-year-old daughter vaccinated.

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US left billions in weapons in Afghanistan, with Black Hawks in Taliban’s hands

US left billions in weapons in Afghanistan, with Black Hawks in Taliban’s hands

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General Practice Attorney – Law Offices of Roy F. McCampbell

general practice attorney, criminal law, traffic law, special education law, divorce and child custody, estate planning and probate, municipal law, real estate

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