Lightfoot + Foxx Belong in Jail for Public Endangerment ! What Does Chicago’s Future Look Like For Law Abiding Residents ?

Chicago Police Superintendent Brown

This guy can’t last much longer.

Lightfoot is getting blamed for the violence. All he does is hold press conferences.

The police do not do “Stop & Frisk” anymore so everyone is carrying a gun.

The police cannot chase a car so the gang bangers do “Drive By Shootings” without worrying about police pursuit.

Now police are not supposed to chase offenders in foot. These are “Alice in Wonderland” rules put in place by lunatics.

🤦🏼‍♀️😡 This will include stopping at the homes of gang members in hopes of preventing violence, Brown said.

“We go to their house, knock on their door and try to intervene in some ways with social services, street outreach and violence interrupters,” he said.

Kudos to the 20 Alderman who signed a letter demanding that Alderman Taliaferro, Chairman of the Committee on Public Safety, convene a meeting to take up the issue of “escalating and ongoing violence” in the city. All 50 should have signed! They demand that it focus on at least two of the criticisms I have been leveling for almost two years in my posts. First of all, the stripping of 1,400 Police officers from already depleted local police districts, leaving too many Beats without a patrol car and officers without backup. Secondly, the scheduling and deployment strategies that are exhausting and demoralizing officers, punishing their families and driving record retirements and transfers to other police departments. This is a very good and long overdue start. I urge the Committee to also take up at least three other critical issues. Lets begin with the serious under-staffing and misuse of Detectives which is seriously impeding the closing of shooting and murder cases. The percentage of Chicago Police who serve as Detectives is half that of other major cities like New York and Los Angeles. Next, the tragic absence of any substantive program to provide protection for witnesses and victims. And thirdly, complete transparency in the number of felons being released back into the community by the States Attorney and the Courts, and the possible consequences of this action. The police cannot clear cases without community cooperation and contrary to police critics, the lack of cooperation is not because the community fears the police, but because our elected leaders have refused to provide police with the resources and support needed to protect the community.

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