Senate Bill 2344 Was Approved On April 26th and Now Moves on to the Illinois House; And the Beat Goes on For the Special Education Parents of Norridge SD 80

LASEC has forced Norridge School District 80 to seek a legislative solution for what should have been a collaborative discussion with LASEC.

Therefore, SD 80 has had to pursuit an amendment to Illinois law to permit Norridge School District 80 students attending programs at Enger School operated by LASEC to remain there;   rather than enter into an agreement to allow the students to attend Enger School pursuit to existing law for the cost of tuition plus an administrative fee of 10%.    The Executive Director of LASEC tells the West 40 panel that in her opinion the children should remain at Enger;   but then the Board of LASEC denies that opportunity.

On April 24th, Amendment 1 of SB 2344  sponsored by Illinois Senator John G. Mulroe was approved by the Senate Education Committee on third reading, and on April 26th the Illinois Senate approved the Senate Bill with the amendment.

On April 26th SB 2344 was sent to the Illinois House Rules committee where it is on its first reading and is sponsored in the Illinois House by State Representative Robert Martwick.  

Please contact Senator Mulroe’s office to thank him for his efforts in behalf of the special education students of SD 80;  and please contact Representative Martwick’s office and thank him for sponsoring the SB 2344 in the Illinois House as well as encouraging his to work to pass this legislation so that it can be sent to the Governor’s desk.

Norridge SD 80 has been denied the opportunity by LASEC  to collaboratively work with LASEC (Leyden Area Special Education CoOp) to support SD 80’s  withdrawl from LASEC;  which the SD 80 Board of Education has  deemed in the best interests of their special education students after reviewing a professional analysis of LASEC .

This has now forced them to pursue a legislative solution to protect the interests of their special education students.

After SD 80 presented to the satisfaction of the West 40 and ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education)  that the withdrawl is in the best interests of the needs of the special education students, LASEC has decided not to be collaborative in effectuating this decision.

The parents continuing to request that the  LASEC’s  Board of Directors reconsider their refusal to enter into an agreement with SD 80 to permit all of the current NSD 80 students attending programs at Enger to remain in that program and assess a tuition charge to SD 80 for such student not to exceed one hundred ten percent  (110%).

The LASEC Executive Board should share the same concerns of the SD 80 Board of Education and Administrators to provide the best possible services and outcomes for the SD 80 special education students.

Everyone needs to support the special education students of Norridge School District 80 and contact the LASEC Board of Directors and request that they reconsider their denial of reaching a reasonable agreement with SD 80 and end the quest in Springfield for justice for the special education students of SD 80.

Show your support for the special education students of SD 80 by contacting the educational leadership of Leyden Area Special Education CoOp (LASEC),   Dr. Nick Wade (Superintendent of Elmwood Park School District 401),  Dr. Nick Polyak (Superintendent of Leyden High School 212), Dr. Dave Katzin (Superintendent of Franklin Park School District 84), Jim Prather (Superintendent of Rhodes School District 84.5), Kim Petrasek (Superintendent of Mannheim School District 83), Kevin Anderson (Superintendent of Rosemont SD 78), Jan Rashid (Superintendent of River Grove School District 85.5), Mike Maguire (Superintendent of Union Ridge School District 86, and Dr. Jennifer Kelsall (Superintendent of Ridgewood High School),  and Dr. Kristin Kopta (Superintendent of Pennoyer SD 79) who can influence a reasonable solution for the special education children.

Ask them not to turn their backs on the special education children of SD 80 and avoid the embarrassment for the region of needing the Illinois General Assembly and Governor to step in to protect the interests of the special education students of SD 80.   


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