Chicago’s Annual Summer Shooting Season Begins !!!

This weekend marked the start of the annual Summer Shooting Season. Similar to last year, we’ll expect to see around 250 homicides and an additional 1,000 shot and wounded between now and Labor Day weekend.

Final Shoot-o-Rahm-a Tally: 8 killed, 31 wounded

2017 Memorial Day tally: 7 killed, 44 wounded

2016 Memorial Day tally: 10 killed, 67 wounded

2015 Memorial Day tally*: 12 killed, 45 wounded

2014 Memorial Day tally*: 8 killed, 21 wounded

Friday 5/25

2:45p 7800 S Evans, Grand Crossing, M/38

5:00p 200 E 119th, West Pullman, M/31

5:55p 1100 N Milwaukee, West Town, M/20

11:35p 9100 S Aberdeen, Washington Heights, M/36

11:35p 9100 S Aberdeen, Washington Heights, M/46

Saturday 5/26

1:25a 2300 W 70th, Chicago Lawn, M/?

3:00a 5200 W Ohio, Austin, M/?

5:20a 6100 W Grace, Dunning, M/42

6:55a 5900 S Calumet, Washington Park, M/38

1:30p 11400 S Normal, Roseland, M/30

6:00p 300 W 113th, Roseland, M/23

6:25p 4500 W West End, Garfield Park, F/?

8:40p 5800 S Indiana, Washington Park, M/18

8:40p 5800 S Indiana, Washington Park, F/18

8:40p 5800 S Indiana, Washington Park, M/19

8:40p 800 W 76th, Auburn Gresham, F/20

9:05p 825 E 49th, Kenwood, F/18

9:35p 10 S Clinton, Near West Side, M/27

11:55p 800 N Noble, West Town, F/? (PO grazed)

Sunday 5/27

12:20a 5200 S Loomis, New City, M/19

1:15a 800 W Garfield, Englewood, M/29

2:05a 3500 W Wilson, Albany Park, M/21

2:40a 7100 S King, Grand Crossing, M/29

3:30a 4800 W Washington, Austin, M/29

8:05a 5000 S Drexel, Kenwood, M/?

7:10p Dan Ryan @ 89th, Chatham, M/?

7:40p 1300 N Hudson, Near North Side, M/15

11:10p 1800 W Cullerton, Lower West Side, M/15

Memorial Day

12:00a 6400 S Eberhart, Woodlawn, F/20

1:00a 5100 W Flournoy, Austin, M/31

Mag Mile Fights & Mayhem w/ Videos

4:50p 1700 N Mason, Austin, M/? (selfie)

5:20p 400 E 71st, Grand Crossing, M/18

8:10p 7100 S State, Grand Crossing, M/22

8:10p 7100 S State, Grand Crossing, M/62

8:30p 1716 W Garfield, New City, M/21

9:15p 3100 W Polk, Garfield Park, M/24

11:40p 9900 S Peoria, Washington Heights, M/43

Tuesday Overtime

12:30a 7100 S Lafayette, Grand Crossing, M/49

1:00a 100 N Long, Austin, M/26




police involved

Weekend = 12p Friday – 6a Tuesday

*Please note: Memorial Day weekends of 2014 and 2015 fell a week earlier than this year. Adjust your year-over-year comparisons as needed.

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