The Parents of Norridge SD 80 Students at Enger Continue To Face Challenges Created By LASEC

So Norridge SD81 Administration has worked diligently with the Illinois legislature to ensure the continued enrollment at Enger only to encounter Amendment 2 To SB 2344 introduced at the request of Leyden and Norwood Park area Superintendents to frustrate the efforts of this continued enrollment at Enger

At the same time the Norridge SD 80 Administration has pursued an earnest negotiation to attempt to secure that their seven students would have the opportunity to complete Enger School, only to be recently told LASEC’s lawyer quit and LASEC is suspending negotiations, for an indeterminate time.

This latest quirk makes absolutely no sense because LASEC has a major Chicago area law firm retained with whom they spend ten’s of thousands of dollars.

So why this latest move to frustrate Norridge SD 80 Administration and parents and deny special education children access to Enger ?

Is it possible that the partner representing LASEC at the major school law firm quit to start their own firm and now LASEC is delaying any further negotiations until this attorney is able to maneuver their law firm into position to secure this lucrative representation ?

Or has LASEC seen this as an opportunity to further frustrate the special education students’ families and the Norridge SD 80 Administration and Board of Education?

Since, this partner is also doing work for Mannheim SD 84 and Pennoyer SD79, are they also without representation as they scramble to hire the partner’s new law firm.

“Oh what webs these people in special education weave”!!!

The games, people play with our children’s education

It truly is all about the money !!!

But these challenges will be overcome by the Norridge SD 80 Board Of Education and Administration with the support of the parents, because they are pursuing a sound education decision.

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