People are Dying Due to this Pollyanish Outlook

Here is the response of the Cook County Board President and Chief Judge to the Sheriff’s concerns about the low bonds or no cash bonds given to gun offenders in the county.

Particularly offensive is the following comment by Chief Judge Evans’ spokesman, “The types of cases addressed by Sheriff Dart (in his letter) are gun cases — but they are gun cases in which nobody was shot or killed,” Milhizer said. “That means the charge is not an inherently violent charge,” he said.

It’s easy to talk like that when you sit in a government office building, where metal detectors screen everyone entering the building, and you’re surrounded by dozens of armed officers.

How can anyone in their right mind say that a criminal carrying a gun is not “inherently violent?” Criminals carry guns for two reasons: either to rob someone or shoot someone. But then again, I’ve never seen any of these people chase an armed offender down a dark alley at 0330 or being the first one through the door on a search

Right, a CRIMINAL carrying a gun is just going for a stroll in the park, so if this criminal gets caught carrying a gun but was not commiting a crime at that time gets to redeem his “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card given to him by Precwinkle and Evans, neither who have ever confronted a person carrying a gun or been victimized. I say this all the time, that the police don’t need to worry about good people carry guns. Cook County is a joke. These leaders should be managers of a Wal-Mart store.

Read the response at this link :,amp.html


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