Can Leyden Area Special Education CoOp (LASEC) Reinvent Themselves ? Or Is It Best That the CoOp Be Disbanded ?

On February 7, 2017, I wrote a blog article

questioning whether LASEC was obsolete and whether Norwood Park Grammar Schools should disband ?

Nine months later it has become clear that at least Norridge School District 80 and the Elmwood Park Unit District are now reviewing their future with LASEC


LASEC after staunchly refusing to consider redefining their special education services when questioned by their members have begun to review what steps they need to take to survive, but not necessarily provide the best services for the special education students that they are tasked to serve.    Elmwood Park over a two year period asked on several occasions to have LASEC develop an opportunity for a le carte services, which were refused by the organization.     But now with such refusals behind them, LASEC must now consider what their members see as the proper path for the future of the organization.

In my last blog article, ,

we followed the direction that both Norridge SD 80 and Elmwood Park Unit School District are taking as it comes to finances and restructuring the way special education services are delivered in their Districts.

Now LASEC has begin to consider alternative steps that they can take to retain their viability as an organization if they are forced by actions of their members to force the restructuring.

LASEC in the information attached has done an analysis of the costs under different scenarios Analysis of LASEC Costs to Member District Under Various Scenarios  .  This information is important because it also reveals that these funds may be put to a better use in the Norridge and Elmwood Park School Districts.     But this also raises questions of the ongoing viability for the remaining members and whether they also would be better off financially to cease being members.

But all of this acutely points to the fact that many of these Districts themselves should merge to save the taxpayers immensely and provide better coordinated services for the students that are enrolled in their respective schools.



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