Was 13 an Unlucky Number for Congressman Luis V. Guitierrez ?


Congressman Gutierrez has always been a contradiction in motion.   He has preached clean liberalism, yet he has been a captive of big interests.   In Congress he represents a District of Hispanic American citizens, yet is more anti-Yankee than Osama Bin Laden. He has preached self-determination for Puerto Rico, yet works every day in favor of colonial nationalism.   He invokes ethical supremacy, yet is the first to break the law in the name of moral superiority.

Is it merely possible that his 13th term has served to disclose he is an imposter and the biggest fraud in Congress ?   And that is why he has chosen not to run again ?

Or could it be something else that has not come out ?

Or could it be something that we already know and now the Feds are vitally interested !

Remember that Representative Luis Gutierrez has disbursed tens of thousands of dollars in campaign  funds to his wife this year, bringing her total compensation to more than $400,000 , since she first appeared on his campaign  payroll.

Members of Congress have been allowed to place family on their campaign’s payrolls since 2001, when then Representative Jesse Jackson asked the Federal Election Commission to issue an advisory opinion on the matter.  After the committee had approved the practice, Jackson went on to pay a firm owned by his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own committee.    Jackson and his wife pleaded guilty in 2013 to using $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

Or maybe its Gutierrez’s ties to developer Boender, who has long been a political supporter of the Illinois congressman.   Rumors abound that Gutierrez has assisted Boender in getting lucrative zoning approvals for Chicago developments.

Gutierrez has and continues to have a multitude of legal and ethical problems.

The Democratic congressman’s financial relationships with some of his campaign contributors goes beyond campaign cash according to records.  In half a dozen deals with campaign supporters since 2002, Gutierrez has made about $421,000, by investing his money in real estate deals and exiting a short time later.   Gutierrez has bought and sold propeties with five campaign donors, including convicted political fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Gutierrez  is a career politician living on the taxpayer’s dime while using his office to personally enrich himself.

Congressman Gutierrez’s 13th term may have proven to be unlucky for him and his past legal and ethical problems may have caught up with him.   Only time will tell…………………


















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