Schiller Park Voters Need Answers Before Election Day


When will the candidates for the elective offices for the Village of Schiller Park focus on the voter issues?

We as voters would like to hear the candidates positions on many issues confronting Schiller Park today.  We need to know who the candidates are, what they are proposing  and what they stand for before we decide who we are voting for on Election Day

These issues include:

Street Re-Paving——What is the plan in the next  year ? Next five years?  Next ten years ?  How will the elected officials prioritize the selection of areas to be repaved ?   How can this be accomplished without another tax increase ?

Police Services Upgrades——-What are the plans to replace a 50 year old police station that was obsolete when it was built and occupied in 1967 ?    How will this be paid for without a tax increase ?

When will the police department implement and energize a true community based policing program ?  




What are the plans to combat the encroaching crime and gang violence from the City of Chicago ?  See

Pension Deficits—–What are the plans to fully fund the police and fire pension funds that have multimillion dollar deficits ?   How will this debt be erased without increasing the tax burden on the residents ?

Sexton Landfill—–How will the environmental concerns voiced by the residents regarding the landfill be resolved ?     How will the elected officials engage the residents input regarding the development of the site ?

Recreation Opportunities—–How will the elected officials engage the middle school and high school students in recreational opportunities in the Village ?    Currently there are no programs available for the children between 12 and 18 years of age beyond “open gym” nights at the recreation center.   There are no supervised teen dances.  What steps would the candidates offer to engage the tweens and teens in Village recreation opportunities ?

TIF Districts Operating in Deficits—–What steps do the candidates propose to ease the burden on the Village taxpayers for subsidizing TIF district that are operating at a deficit ?   Other than parking lots and hotels what economic development opportunities do the candidates envision for Schiller Park ?

Regional CoOperation ———-How do the candidates propose that the Village becomes a leader in the region rather than being subjugated to the needs of our economically aggressive neighbor, Rosemont ?

Improve Traffic Safety Throughout the Village ——How do the candidates propose that we make the crossing at Scott and Irving Park Road safer for pedestrians ?  Especially children crossing to go to and from the swimming pool ?    How do the candidates propose to improve traffic safety around the schools?  What steps do the candidates propose to increase parking in the Garden Court-Soreng Avenue town house area ?  See:

Airport Noise——What are the candidates proposing to do to pursue a more extensive sound proofing program and secure better craftsmanship on the work being done ?

Ornamental Street Lighting—-What are the views of the candidates to modernize the street lighting and light up the neighborhoods rather than have a rural lighting system ?

Ethics Legislation ——-Why haven’t the elected officials proposed and acted on an ordinance to ban the hiring of relatives ?  Or are statements being made just lip service and it will be business as usual after the election ?   Why haven’t the elected officials agreed upon and enacted term limits on the elective offices in Schiller Park ?    OR do some of the candidates not support the banning of the hiring of relatives or not support term limits ?    The voters need to know the positions that these candidates are taking on ethical opportunities that the elected officials should consider.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Maintenance –———-What is the short term and long term plans for upgrading and maintaining our water mains and sewer mains ?    What are the candidates positions on the adoption of capital plans ?  How are they proposing to fund such capital planning ?

Irving Park and Lawrence Avenue Viaducts——-What are the long term and short term goals regarding the viaducts ?    What are the candidates advocating to improve the physical condition and aesthetics of these structures ?

Business Outreach ———-What are the visions of the candidates in regards to attracting new businesses and reaching out to existing businesses ?   What dialogue to the candidates see as necessary to encourage existing businesses to assist in the recruitment of other businesses ?   What are the sentiments of the candidates in attracting additional retail for the Village ?    Do the candidates see the future of the Village to be in retail, or manufacturing or parking lots or entertainment or warehousing ?

Cook County Minimum Wage Ordinance—Where do the candidates stand on exempting the Village of Schiller Park from the Cook County Minimum Wage Ordinance ?  See

These are the types of discussion that the voters thirst for from the candidates.    It is less than four weeks before election day and two weeks before early voting, and yet we do not know the positions or platforms of the respective candidates.

Lets engage in some meaningful dialog to assist the voters in getting to know the candidates, so that the voters can vote for the candidates that embrace their vision and ideals for the Village.   The voters need to realize that they are voting for persons who will be making decisions in their behalf that affect the quality of their lives and that of their children.    Not only the quality of life, but also their future costs as taxpayers.     The voters should not take this decision on April 4th lightly and neither should the candidates.   This is not about someone’s ego, it is about the future of the Village.

Let’s all engage from this day forward in a meaningful dialog, share our positions and vote our choice knowledgeably on April 4th.

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