Let’s Keep Schiller Park Residents Better Informed Regarding Crime 

It appears that we as residents are not receiving information from the Schiller Park police department about crime in our neighborhoods. I was advised by friends and neighbors of at least two break ins in the Frogtown area as well as an armed robbery of the Walgreens and the Marathon Quik Mart at 25th and Irving Park road recently.  Cars have been stolen, cars broken into in the neighborhoods and widespread vandalism. In the last two years a family was held hostage in their home.   

 Most police departments such as Norridge regularly release to the residents, news bulletins keeping them updated as to crime in their neighborhoods.   

Since the PD is seriously lacking in keeping us informed we need to share every bit of anecdotal information we can glean.   

This is all quite troubling as a resident.

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2 Responses to Let’s Keep Schiller Park Residents Better Informed Regarding Crime 

  1. Alice says:

    Well I was just speaking to a friend of mine and he was very aggravated because two weeks ago in front of O’Donnellls two people were shot and his son and a couple buddies were there at the time nothing was on the news posted or on the Franklin Park Police Department website so it’s not only Schiller Park!


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