Does Anyone Know What Are Schiller Park Police Department’s Crime Prevention Strategies ?

What are Schiller Park’s Police Department crime prevention strategies ?

Community crime prevention programs or strategies target changes in community infrastructure, culture, or the physical environment in order to reduce crime. The diversity of approaches include neighborhood watch, community policing, urban or physical design, and comprehensive or multi-disciplinary efforts. These strategies may seek to engage residents, community and faith-based organizations, and local government agencies in addressing the factors that contribute to the community’s crime, delinquency, and disorder.

My post regarding “Let’s Keep Schiller Park Residents Better Informed Regarding Crime” caused interesting feedback;  some impressions require some comments.   

The original post was not to inject the concept into politics, but rather refocus the issues to be managed and addressed by the Village’s professional management team.    

The professional management staff has failed to clearly articulate any crime prevention strategies that are open and understandable to the community members.   

A secure environment is made possible through community involvement in crime prevention. The purpose of community crime prevention is simple: to help you recognize your own vulnerability to crime, and reduce your risk by taking preventive action and cooperation with the police.

Four key areas that the Schiller Park professional management team should  be pursuing to ensure the best interests of the residents:  

  • Reduce crime and increase community safety
  • Get more members of the public involved in reducing crime
  • Boost integration between all stakeholders involved in crime reduction
  • Make more people aware of the reality and perception of crime

For a resident,  crime is personal.    As an example, the robbery at the Marathon gas station without a formal release by the PD confusion can ensue on the facts.   The robber did not display a weapon at the Marathon, but stated he had one. Technically, the incident did not qualify as an “armed robbery” but a victim being told by the robber he has a gun makes it very real.    Accurate information is clearly an important element of crime prevention.

Let’s keep crime prevention outside the realm of politics.    

Again, I must conclude this post by asking, “What are Schiller Park’s Police Department crime prevention strategies ?”

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