“Teacher Bashing“ Was It Invented To Deflect Criticism and Avoid Personal Responsibility ?

I have had enough with the canned reference to “teacher bashing” and the connotation that any negative comment regarding teacher behavior is in some way “bashing”.

“Reprinted from the Blog: Parents for Progress“

The concept “teacher bashing” seems to be jargon invented by the teachers union to deflect criticism and avoid personal responsibly. Let’s be clear, teachers are one of the foremost influences on our children’s development and forming the adults they will become. From my standpoint, they need to be held highly accountable for their actions, words and the examples they are setting. 

My mother was an educator and my personality, opinions and values are due, in a large part, to the teachers who I had in my youth. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Manning taught me about tenacity which has been a huge influence on my work ethic. My 6th grade teacher Mr. Henderson taught me about literature and poetry which has formed my love for reading. My 8th grade teacher Mrs. Wagner taught me about writing and public speaking which has served me well throughout my entire life. However, my third grade teacher Mrs. Kamis taught me that, teachers can be bullies, abuse their power and destroy a kid’s desire to go to school. Mrs. Kamis also taught me that holding teachers accountable is critical to a child’s development and who they will become.

The COVID pandemic has given some teachers license to “phone in” their lessons and use technological ineptitude as an excuse to provide a less than ideal work product. It is our jobs as parents to hold these teachers accountable.

Teachers pay the teacher’s union a part of their salaries for representation. That creates an affiliation to a powerful organization that wields that power, at times, to the detriment of the students. As such, teachers should be held accountable for the action of the union that they pay dues to. Teachers have a choice to not be a union member and can op out. Organizations such as teacherfreedom.org exist to help. As long as teachers continue to choose to be affiliated with the union, they are responsible for the union actions and should be held accountable for them.

Responsibility and accountability are the fundamental components of integrity. Any effort to deflect or obscure these values should be met with fervent opposition. The generic reference to “teacher bashing” helps no 0ne, especially the teachers. All professions have good actors and bad actors. The danger arises when shining a light on bad behavior is universally met with a subjective, all encompassing club to the head. This serves as a disincentive to hold bad actors accountable and becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy that results in all teachers being painted with the same brush. The same holds true for union affiliation. Certainly there are teachers who object to the heavy handed initiatives of the union. Until these teachers stand up and speak out, they will continue to be painted with the same brush as the union whom they voluntarily pay for collective representation. 

The children are watching, the children are listening, and the children are learning during this pandemic. We should be concerned what lessons they are being taught.


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