Illinois General Assembly Votes Themselves A Pay Raise In The Middle of the Pandemic and Increases The Budget $2 Billion Dollars

The Illinois House just voted for a $42.8 billion dollar budget. This budget actually INCREASES spending by $2 billion!!! In the midst of declining revenue during this financial crisis. To top it all off, it also includes a PAY RAISE for lawmakers. Unbelievable!!

Thank goodness our current State Representative Bradley Stephens voted against all of this.
✅ Increase Spending
✅ Increase Debt
✅ Get a raise!

Last night (or this morning) at 1:15 am while you were asleep how did the Illinois Democrats in Springfield address 20% unemployment, families losing their life savings and the financial strain of this pandemic? Did you think they might show empathy and vote to cut their pay (already near the highest in the country) 20% like many people have had to do to keep their jobs in the private sector? If you guessed that you are wrong. For the second time in 12 months the Democrats in Springfield voted themselves a PAY RAISE. Good morning!

After weeks of doing nothing, our “essential” state government late last night passed a budget that includes the following.

Includes a $1,800 pay raise for legislators.

Spends almost $43 billion despite revenues totaling roughly $37 billion.

The remaining budget hole is financed on THE HOPE OF A massive federal government bailout that I am sure the Feds will be more than happy to just hand out to a broke, corrupt state.

With the $5 billion in new debt and approximately $6 billion in a not yet set federal bailout, the state plans to spend $11 billion more than they plan to bring in.

And you all were complaining that that new math doesn’t work. PFFTT

“Americans seem to accept the restrictions on our rights to speech, religion, travel and commercial activities simply because the origin of those restrictions is a popularly elected person.”

Our Communities and YOUR Families deserve better!

Our Illinois Democrats just voted to give all the legislators a pay raise! This is the second year in a row they got a pay raise!. They are the fifth highest paid legislators in the nation while the state is the worst run state in the Union.

the graphic shared shows 11 Not Voting. The ILGA website show 68 Y, 44N and 1 NV.

They also voted for a budget that is $2 billion more than last year. Indiana, though, just a day ago CUT their budget 15%.

It also includes about $5 billion more in debt.

Meanwhile, we are in an economic crisis! Over one million Illinoisans lost their job in the last 9 weeks. Small businesses – and large- are closing their doors for good. Many others had significant pay cuts. What the hell is the matter with these people?

Well, here’s the deal. They are counting on you forgetting about this by Novemeber. They are especially counting on the Democrats plodding along to continue to vote them back into office and others to be bedazzzled and confused by glossy mailers that lie about their positions to sway voters to vote for them again. They are counting on the special interests to fund their campaigns.

And – they are counting on a federal bailout from Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Casten. And they are counting on being out of office with their hefty pension before it all comes tumbling down.


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6 Responses to Illinois General Assembly Votes Themselves A Pay Raise In The Middle of the Pandemic and Increases The Budget $2 Billion Dollars

  1. Judith Meadows says:

    People are not ok with Governor going ag as instead constitution that’s ridiculous .and we are going to church

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jill S. Harlow says:

    Very disappointing! As a citizen of central Illinois so many dont have jobs now and many businesses have suspended any raise to see the legislators vote themselves a raise and additional spending when the state is bankrupt. Irresponsible leadership!

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  3. G Tkalec says:

    I am heartbroken. How could they do this to their constituents?


  4. dicelaverita says:

    I am sick to my stomach, how could you do this to your constituents at this time?


  5. Laurie Marzuki says:

    ANY organization members that can increase their own paycheck on the backs of someone else are RIPE for CORRUPTION. And sadly it’s ‘legal’. The laws need to be changed. Yesterday !


  6. JoAnn Michonski says:

    Let us all pray asking “GOD” to bring righteousness and holiness to our state.


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