New Child Support Laws

Changes are coming in the contentious area of child support calculations. 
 The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act has been amended and the changes are going into effect July 1. And the good news for noncustodial parents, usually men, is the promise of a fairer way to divide up expenses and decide who must pay what for the support of a child.
Basically, the amended law will enable courts to take a broader view of all income sources available to each parent to meet a child’s needs, instead of just focusing on the noncustodial parent.
Child support obligations will depend, in part, on how much each parent contributed to the combined household income and the courts will also factor in how much time mom and dad spend with the child in deciding who owes how much to whom.
In order to modify your current child support order to reflect the July 1, 2017 amendment on calcualtions, the petitioning party must show a substantial change in circumstances since the previous order was entered. 
Want to confirm you qualify for the modification?  Feel free to contact me at my office, or call me on my cell phone at 708/878-7957

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