Is Leyden High School SD 212 Achieving Its Transparency Goal ?

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In a democracy it is especially important that citizens have access to information so they can actively participate in government and make good choices on Election Day;  at Leyden School District 212, transparency is the best way to promote #leydenpride

As Thomas Jefferson said, “An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.””

Elected officials should stop making excuses on why they can’’t be more transparent.

Leyden SD 212 regularly affirms their commitment to transparency in their governance.

But are their actions implementing their statement supporting “transparency” ?

An intense review of Leyden SD 212 website calls their commitment for “transparency” into question.  when you cannot even find the “Board of Education policies” on their website.

The policies are basic to school district governance and the only way that you can get a copy of the Leyden High School SD 212 Board Policies is to file a Freedom of Information (FOIA)  request with the school district.

So as a taxpayer of Leyden SD 212, and for many as a parent or student of Leyden SD212 to review the governance documents of the District you have to file a FOIA .

Yet numerous adjacent grammar and high school districts have their policies on line.

So why,  as the District that continuously articulates its desire to provide transparency in its governance, SD212  does not publish its governing documents on their own website ?

I had to file a FOIA to get a copy of the governance boards policies.

I am posting a link to a copy of Leyden High School District 212 Policies.

Please go to this link to review Leyden High School District 212 policies:


I hope that my Blog article will encourage SD 212 to pursue their stated goal of transparency more aggressively to provide access to the governing policies of Leyden High Schools for the students, parents and taxpayers of the District.

Until the SD 212 decides to portray their words of transparency in action by posting their governing Board policies you can refer to my blog page to review the policies.

I will have more to say about transparency at Leyden School District 212 in the future;  I am hoping to provoke a conversation as to how the Leyden Board of Education should implement their commitment to “transparency”  .

True “transparency” at Leyden School District 212 will promote #leyden pride.

Let’s all encourage the Leyden High School Board Of Education SD 212 to post their Board policies !    












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