Fourfold Increase In Autism in the US in the Last 30 Years

1 in 36 eight-year-olds (and 4.3% of 8-year-old boys) in the US have a diagnosis of #autism, per new #CDC estimates announced today. That implies a staggering four-fold increase in the prevalence of autism in 20 years. It’s important to note that this is data for children born in 2012, so the likelihood that a child born last year will eventually get diagnosed with autism is MUCH higher.

Regardless of whether you believe this increase is real or a result of better diagnosis, what is indisputable is that there is a monumental need for more and better scientific #research, #healthcare, #education, #housing, and #employment for individuals with #autism across the whole spectrum and across their lifespan.

So, at a personal level, if you know anyone diagnosed with autism, reach out to them even if it’s just to say hello. If you are planning an activity, consider inviting them while taking into account their sensory or other needs.

If you are a young college/Ph.D. graduate, consider making autism an area of your focus, research, or employment. There is a huge shortage of autism professionals and researchers in almost every sphere, so this is an area where your work can make a HUGE difference.

If you are an investor, consider expanding your portfolio to include companies that are developing therapeutics or services to benefit people with ASD. Your IRR target and desire for impact are no longer mutually exclusive.


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