Non Compete Agreements—Are They Unfair ?

A 40-year non-compete agreement for a $12 an hour customer service representative. But it gets even better: There’s a provision in the Agreement that says if the employee breaches the non-compete, they owe the company $3 MILLION in liquidated damages.

In 10+ years and literally 1,000+ non-compete matters, I have never seen anything so absurd.

But this is what you get in Florida. This is what you get when powerful people and powerful lawyers create a culture that (a) normalizes abusive non-compete agreements and (b) doesn’t punish companies that engage in these sorts of shenanigans.

Where is the U.S. Department of Justice? Where is the Florida Office of the Attorney General? Where is the Federal Trade Commission? Where is literally ANYBODY other than me, my firm and my colleagues doing anything about non-compete abuse?

If you care about the rights of poor people, working people, and middle class people, then you need to start caring about non-compete abuse.

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