Schiller Park Faces a Contested April 6, 2021, Municipal Election

Incumbent Mayor Nick Caiafa is being challenged in the Spring election by one of his own Trustees, Moses Diaz. They are both heading full slates constituting a Village Clerk Candidate as well as three trustee candidates. 

Municipal Election are April 6, 2021

The candidates have yet to present a platform, but with this being the only municipal election contest in Leyden Township, it has the potential to be a spirited political contest.

Caiafa, the incumbent candidate, for Village President, is a former Leyden Township Trustee. He and his slate will be running on their past 4 year record, including a current contentious labor negotiation with the Fire Department as well as past real estate tax levy increases. Moses Diaz, the challenger for Village President, has clashed with the incumbent over a past tax levy adoption and raised great concerns over the direction of economic development in the Village. 

The candidates positions will be more clearly defined as the campaign season progresses. Hopefully, each Village President candidate will schedule several town-hall meetings on ZOOM to assist the Schiiler Park voters to learn the issues and hear their positions.

It would be ideal to schedule several debates on ZOOM between the two political candidates for Mayor. 

The voters of Schiller Park could begin to define the issues by posting their concerns in the comment section on this blog. 

I, for one, will be following this political contest closely; and posting updates regularly. 

In fact, as I close this post, I offer to host at least one debate between the candidates as moderator. 


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