Schiller Park Officials Need To End Their Tolerance of The Growing Crime In The Village and Take Aggressive Actions to Control The Criminal Conduct, Get Tough Schiller Park !!!

As President of a condo association in Schiller Park I am increasingly concerned over how Schiller Park government is handling crime in the town.

In in September of 2018, Franklin Park PD conducted a drug raid in a building adjacent to our condo association buildings, yet the criminal pursuits continue to grow in that building unchecked. A double homicide suspect was arrested at the Motel Six in Schiller Park, clearly criminal feel safe lodging in Schiller Park.

Last weekend the Manager of Chasers at Old River Road and River Rd in Schiller Park after he closed up for the night. This weekend, there was a stabbing in the parking lot of Chasers with the victim dying.

Man Wanted for Questioning in Fatal Schiller Park Bar Stabbing

The “Thugfest” at Chaser’s must end, before the crime spills in the neighborhoods.

Schiller Park must end the “gang bangers” residing at the Motel Six along with the drug traffic and prostitution that they bring to Schiller Park and the surrounding suburbs.

A gang banger was arrested this week by Chicago at Motel 6 for a double homicide in Chicago .

Laroy Battle, 19, Charged With Murder Of 2 Teenage Boys In South Chicago

Numerous other major criminal events have occurred throughout Schiller Park in the last 2 years including at Grace and Irving Park Road.

Schiller Park needs to enforce the laws that are currently on the books such as the crime free housing ordinance” as well as the criminal statutes. Those bars not adhering to controlling their patrons should have their liquor licenses suspended or in some cases revoked. The motels harboring gang bangers as well as being a location of drug trafficking and prostitution should have their business licenses revoked. The apartments at River Road and Irving are being infiltrated by a “bad element”. Schiller Park needs to protect the residents and good businesses in Schiller Park. Get tough Schiller Park !!!

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