The Illinois Supreme Court has denied Governor Pritzker’s motion for an emergency motion for a supervisor order in the Darren Bailey lawsuit.

The Declaration of Independence declares we have “unalienable rights.” These are rights that come from our “Creator”, not the government. As the Declaration states, the government derives its just powers “from the consent of the governed.”

DIRTY TACTICS in Chicago! Mayor Lightfoot’s heavy hand is on full display. She has ordered a parking ban on all streets for NINE blocks surrounding the Churches. (Ban Notice in first picture). She then had the Aldermen send letters to all residents, to tell them that the reason they can’t park their cars on the streets outside their homes, and must move them immediately or get towed, is because of the Churches. (Letter in second picture).

The Mayor KNOWS that the Churches have their own private parking arrangements, and that the members do NOT park on the streets. So this parking ban has NOTHING to do with keeping people away from Church. Instead, it is a transparent attempt to incite HATE and VIOLENCE against the Churches and their members, by blaming them for an unnecessary and malicious parking ban.

Mayor Heavy Hand lacks the courage to arrest Pastors and parishioners for going to Church, because she knows the public relations disaster that this would cause. So, instead, she is content to incite hatred against people for exercising their fundamental right to worship, even as she claims that she wants to “save lives.”

The Churches will NOT be intimidated! They are used to this sort of tactics employed by the Communists in their motherland. Check out the huge banners (photo and video) that one church worked through the night to place on its building, to remind people of what is at stake here.

Services are taking place this morning, and a press conference addressing this issue immediately afterwards. PRAY!

What a travesty on so many levels.

As reported by CBS Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered a parking ban from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday in the neighborhood of Philadelphia Romanian Church in response to its intention to hold services.

On Sunday morning the tow trucks descended – not just on churchgoers, but on residents and everybody else, and on a private lot used by parishioners. Read this from Second City Cop:

City tow trucks arrived and yanked the vehicles of every single resident, including numerous elderly people and a more than a few nurses coming in from the night shifts and impounded them for violation of the signs that got posted Saturday with under twenty-four hours’ notice. The city also closed the private lot that the church used for parishioners in some half-assed attempt to force church-goers to park on the streets, streets listed as temporary tow zones to snatch their cars, too.

So all the residents WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHURCH are on the hook for tickets and towing and damages to their cars – because we all know exactly how gently City tow drivers are with someone else’s property.

Perhaps Lightfoot doesn’t share the view that civil liberties come not from her hand or the hand of Governor JB Pritzker. The church’s pastor said this: “The mayor is inciting hate against the church which is very sad. A lot of our members risked their lives to escape Communism, only to find it germinating in 2020 under Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago.”

Philadelphia Romanian Church in Chicago

He continued: “We prayed for the mayor and the governor almost every evening since March 19. We will continue to pray for them. Yet, we are also aware of our constitutional rights. Their effort to intimidate us will make us stronger.”

And let’s hope Lightfoot will explain her sense of justice in punishing everybody in the neighborhood by having their cars banged up and towed to the city’s infamous pound.

Find the rebels’ neighborhood and bulldoze it, that’s sort of the thinking. Nobody should be surprised because Prtizker is doing the same. He threatened to withhold federal money from any municipality that defies his emergency order. Tough luck even for residents in those communities who support Pritzker’s order. Some justice.

And some Chicagoans — no doubt including some who had their cars towed — indeed are on Pritzker’s side. They even had their own protest, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, against churchgoers at Philadelphia Romanian and some other churches. This “is really indicative of a clear, right-wing cult mentality that they have,” one of the protesters said. “They would rather keep themselves in business, keep themselves earning money, instead of caring about the residents of this neighborhood, which many of them, including the pastor, are not a part of.”

A fascinating aspect of the shutdown is who have been among those most frequently standing up for civil liberties: cops!

Around the state, many police chiefs and other enforcement officials have said they won’t enforce Pritzker’s emergency order. The Illinois Sheriffs” Association, in response to Pritzker’s threats to those who won’t enforce his order, said, “It is outrageous that the Governor is threatening retaliation against these leaders and the men and women of their offices. He is insulting heroic police officers, corrections officers and local voters.”

So, whatever you call what’s become of Illinois, don’t call it a “police state” because so many of our police want no part of any such thing.

And Second City Cop is a blog run by current and former Chicago police officers. They wrote the segment above, plus harsher language too salty to quote here. About Lightfoot’s towing they concluded:

It should also be a clarion call to the churches across the city as to how far the left will go to crush the faithful of all denominations. You are only useful to them as far as you obey orders and do what you’re told. If you don’t speak up now, expect the same to happen to you in short order.


Tyranny – Cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control; rule by one who has absolute power without legal right.

Friends, I’m sad to say that this is the current situation with our Governor. On Friday, he had IDPH file an emergency rule that makes it a Class A Misdemeanor for businesses to open against his wishes, punishable by up to 364 days in jail. He’s also threatening to withhold funds from counties if they defy him, even though Illinois law gives counties SUPREME AUTHORITY in these matters.

Let’s look at the facts:
✅ Since the start of the pandemic, our Governor has released 4,000 prisoners and 64 of those were convicted of murder
✅ He claims he has the ability to write the law to make it a criminal offense to disobey his unilateral actions. Small business owners would face JAIL TIME for doing so
✅ These penalties only apply to non-essential businesses. He has solely determined who is essential and who is non-essential.
✅ This isn’t about following a set of health guidelines – some of the most crowded places we go to are supermarkets and large retail stores which are deemed essential
✅ We have a State Pandemic Response Plan and State Laws that govern how we handle situations like this. The Governor is not following this plan. The individual county health departments have SUPREME AUTHORITY when it comes to quarantining, and all businesses who are forced to close have the right to DUE PROCESS which includes written notice and a legal hearing.
✅ All of our businesses CAN re-open SAFELY – as they are doing in Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, etc.
✅ I believe our governor’s actions are in violation of the Illinois and US Constitutions – our most precious documents that give us INALIENABLE RIGHTS from our Creator and not government.
✅ The General Assembly is the branch of government that is tasked with writing laws. Our system does not permit the Governor to issue orders and then write laws to enforce them. One man cannot determine which businesses are essential and non-essential for an indefinite amount of time. He must be stopped immediately.

I promise you this. I will fight to oppose the fear-mongering, tyrannical policies of our Governor. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is not about politics. I spent 22 years serving our country in the US Army, and I swore an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution. We must stand up for the rule of law. Please join me in this fight.

On Wednesday, these emergency rules will be voted on by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Please email the Committee at and let your voice be heard!

ADMIN- please make this shareable.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️CALL TO ACTION! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Send an email to the committee members who will be voting on Wednesday to give Pritzger the power keep our state locked down for another 150 days. (IL constitution allowed him 30 days.) He will also criminalize business owners who open before he allows.

Encourage the senators and state reps to vote NO to this unconstitutional lock-down!

Bill Cunningham – Democrat

Kieth wheeler contact- Republican

Kimberly Lightford -Democrat

Tony Munoz – Democrat

Sue Rezin – Republican

Paul Schimf (Republican)

Chuck weaver – Republican

Tom demmer- Republican

Mike Halpin- Democrat

Frances Ann Hurley – Democrat

Steve Reick – Republican

Andre thapesi – Democrat

Rep. Wheeler statement on Pritzker emergency rules criminalizing non-compliance with executive orders


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