The Pritzker Plan for the “Destruction of Illinois”

So Pritzker while on CNN, now wants to take 12-18 months before fully opening up the Illinois economy etc…resulting in the fact that few if any restaurants and small business will be able to survive, and Pritzker is following this with his plans to increase taxes on what’s left…come on Illinoisans we have to step up and rally against this, and take a stand for a better solution.

The most pessimistic side of my personality leads me to think that the phrase farm-to-table will morph into farm-to-food pantry for years to come. I hope I’m wrong, but our governor’s mandate to keep restaurants closed for dine-in until at least the end of June doesn’t give me confidence about that. I remember that Vietnam War era slogan that you have to “destroy the village to save it”. Everything old is new again, eh?

Panic in the guise of Caution is not the answer. 12-18 months will definitely bankrupt the state and millions of its residents. While this governor is on tv telling the masses we need to stay home during that time, he sent his family to Florida. While he blames President Trump’s reaction to COVID19, most of the Illinois deaths have occurred within state run facilities like senior complexes and nursing facilities. The governor tells Illinoisans to listen to his doctors and professionals, he sends National Guard members lacking medical background to these state facilities to administer COVID19 tests and take temperatures instead of the medical professionals the state is paying as much as $200/hr to man vacant or low volume make-shift facilities instead of reinforcing existing hospitals. Those construction bills are still outstanding.

This governor spent tens of Millions of dollars with Chinese Communist Party of China to purchase faulty N-95 masks for state workers (who are now also amongst the highest infected Illinoisans) he refused to put factories here to work making those masks and keeping those funds here to buttress this economy.

At some point his intentional actions, not just failures, must lead to his impeachment.

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