Cook County judge rules Illinois lawmakers cannot reject their own pay raises

State lawmakers were wrong to freeze their own pay between 2009 and 2016, said a Cook County judge who ruled in favor of two former state senators who want their back pay.

On July 2, Cook County Circuit Judge Franklin Valderrama ruled the Illinois Constitution prohibits changes to lawmaker compensation in the middle of a lawmaker’s term. The judge did not order the state to issue back paychecks, instead scheduling a hearing Aug. 7.

Former state Sen. Michael Noland, D-Elgin, sued the state comptroller shortly after he retired in 2017, seeking repayment for himself and all other members of the General Assembly who passed eight bills rejecting their annual cost-of-living raises. Noland, too, voted for at least one of the pay freezes in 2012.

Of course now that they voted for a myriad of Taxes on the people of Illinois, it’s Back to the Public Trough to gobble up more for themselves rather than pay the Debt they are responsible for!

I guess the issues that affect Illinois Taxpayers always take a back seat to their Personal agenda’s. Business as usual👎

I do not feel sorry for any of these clowns. Rauner was trying to hold Illinois in check. We couldn’t afford raises. But now that JB is in office, they get raises, and every union gets a raise. The only one’s not getting a raise are those that have to pay said raises.

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