Chicago Is The Canary In The Coal Mine of America’s Big Cities


More Manpower Cuts

This will impact all of us in the suburbs in a bad way !

A lot of interesting links in this article:

Chicago is the canary in the coal mine for America’s big cities as civil order slips away. The presumption that life can be lived without constant fear of violent predators is already gone in gang stronghold neighborhoods, where murder rates shock the nation and the world.

The combined force of the police and judiciary, hobbled by federal scrutiny of police tactics and a bail system so weak that it is informally known as “catch and release,” is simply laughed at. Cook County jail is “out of control,” and a gang leader enforced a reign of terror there. Only last week, Chicago’s top cop admitted that criminals think the police and judiciary are “a joke.”

Police powerlessness was convincingly demonstrated when police were unable to stop a thousand-strong gang party that disrupted a neighborhood for hours last summer. The angry and violent men enjoying success on their home turf are not content to leave alone the rest of the city, with richer pickings. The emboldened criminal class got the message: car-jackings are spreading into affluent neighborhoods.

And now, via CWB Chicago, the locally focused website that chronicles Chicago’s worsening crime, comes the news that violent crime in Chicago’s Loop has skyrocketed 97% over the past five years, while Mayor Rahm Emanuel has cut the number of cops patrolling it by almost 8%.

We’re having doubts that Rahm can get anywhere near the numbers he promised citizens. But will it cost him the election?

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