Appearance Speaks Volumes For Schiller Park

 The Village needs to understand and implement “curb appeal” throughout the Village, especially at it’s gateways. 

Would a respectable resident repair his auto on their front lawn and then leave the parts laying around for a week on the front lawn ?

We as a community need to change our thinking if we wish to pursue successful economic development with the”big dogs”.   

No matter what the excuse, 4111 Mannheim Road looks bad, and leaves a poor impression of Schiller Park to visitors and travelers alike.

Some landscaped green space bordering Mannheim Road would go a long way in improving the depressing look.

Most entry points to our Village produce a terrible appearance to the visitor and are depressing to our residents .  

Lawrence and River Road is  a prime example.  

This area provides an awful image for everyone going to and from Rosemont and as well as entering our Village. 

This abandonment has existed for over seven years.  These conditions clearly contribute to issues arising at the motel next door.  This transmits a message no one cares and you can do what you want in Schiller Park.  

Why not demolish this obsolete building and install lush landscaping until the property is redeveloped ?

Another key Village entry point is Irving Park and River Road with an abandoned gas station for over 4 years.    

Again at this point the building should be demolished and the Village might acquire the property as green space, which is much needed in this over built area with apartments.   It would enhance the entry to the Village and provide “curb appeal ” for residents and visitors alike.  

This is not about “politics”, but how we as a community envision the Schiller Park of the 21st Century and beyond.  

We can’t point fingers at each other but need to “roll up our sleeves ” and work together as a “family”.

Let’s get it done as a Village !

It “takes a Village” !


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