In Schiller Park, I Predict…………………….

It’s 4 pm on Election Day in Schiller Park, and it is clear by the turn out and conversations that Nick Caiafa and his entire slate are the clear winners.     

Let me be the first to congratulate Nick Caiafa as the new Village President of Schiller Park as well as his entire slate who worked quite hard.    

At this point Nick’s slate were able to secure almost 400 mail in votes to Mayor Piltaver’s slightly over a hundred, meaning it is likely that Nick had a 300 vote lead before the polls opened today, with possibly a greater lead achieved through early voting.   The turnout today does not appear to support Mayor Piltaver in overcoming the the pre-election day work of her opponent.   

Mayor Piltaver would have to win precinct 2 by a margin of 3 to1, as well as win either precinct 44 or 25 by a very healthy margin, looking very dim at this hour.  Piltaver is likely going to win precincts 17, 27 and maybe win precinct 1 by a slim margin, but clearly she is getting clobbered in precinct 45. 

Final tallies may be delayed with the paper ballots, but I predict in the end Nick and his entire slate are winners in Schiller Park.  
Let me be the first to Congratulate Nick Caiafa, Rosa Jos, Tom Deegan, Moses Diaz, and Joan Golembiewski.

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1 Response to In Schiller Park, I Predict…………………….

  1. Cathy L Connor says:

    I predict if the voters in Schiller Park are as smart as I believe they are , Nick Caiafa will win again in 2021 . Best wishes Schiller Park First party


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