Schiller Park Has Lost It’s Moral Compass

The local election in Schiller Park has become a proverbial “witches cauldron”.

Clearly, the community has lost its moral compass, as the political discussion in Schiller Park has reached an abysmal low.    We have seen people banned off of Facebook, a news station filming in the Schiller Park neighborhoods, and none of the discussion about the serious issues of the Village.

What has happened to the moral and ethical arguments of  “political debate”?

This downward spiral began with the surfacing of the “Schillerparkblog” which was then supplanted by the “Jim Tompson” blog.    Each cycle of these posts continued to seek a new low with the attacking of an 80 year old woman, disabled children, administrators, …………………..elected officials, etc.    The postings moved from some feeble attempts political satire to down right mean spirited, nasty abuse of various members of the community, true cyber bullying by the adults of the community.

This all led to a “sick contest” of  who could do a better job of dismembering and berating our neighbors and fellow citizens.   The greatest evil is the misrepresentation and lies fed to a gullible public to sell self serving agendas.   Political figures on all sides have skirted the truth to satisfy their constituents.

The voters who have studied the issues can only shake their heads in disgust.   We must hold the elected and appointed officials to the highest moral and ethical standards and vote accordingly.    Without adequately addressing the political dishonesty that the uninformed voters must face they are lost, and it is ultimately manifested in the meager numbers at the ballot box.

Both sides have pushed the mail in ballots and early voting to get an advantage over each other.    If it is only the few that vote, and the voters are dissuaded from voting on April 4th, the actual election results may be biased.   Voters must get out and vote on Election Day, April 4, 2017, true democracy in our Village is at stake.

Whoever is elected on April 4, 2017, must provide the leadership to help the community of Schiller Park to regain their moral compass.   All of us have the foundation for building a strong moral compass and there are many benefits to having this.   It gives people a sense of integrity, which a tool for having a sense of self worth and a self confidence.

Evidence suggests that people who have a healthy functioning moral compass are more grounded, focused, content with life and productive.   They also seem to have more nurturing and positive relationships with people around them and their environment.   They minimize harm to this world and maximize their contributions.  In other words, they give back as much as they take in or maybe even more.  They also have a healthier sense of individualistic self, while concentrating on a good for all.

Everyone eligible to vote needs to come out and vote tomorrow; we  need to  concentrate on making our decision at the ballot box by activating our personal moral compass.  We all have an individual sense of what it means to be moral, and we need to activate it  to enable us to fully function individually and be a positive part of Schiller Park.

We need to support the leadership going forward that will assist the community of Schiller Park to make it a global compass where it directs us toward caring for the good of all.

We need to chose leadership  that can look at our world in Schiller Park as an inner related system that is more and more connected.  We should not try to add negativity to it by hating, judging unfairly, being superficial, resenting, being self centered and taking advantage.

Finally,  “be like a hummingbird”;  that is do not take things too seriously.  Have a little laugh at your imperfections, then try to fix them if you can.   Don’t take things as black and white;  don’t get fixated;  open your mind to the variety and the beauty of life.  Get yourself excited.   If you lose something of value to you, give yourself time to grieve , process, and release the feeling, bring the memory of love and joy to replace the pain.  Make every moment count.   And this will help keep the compass clean.

At the end, be flexible with the political process.  Be sensitive to your needs and that of others.   Don’t have unreasonable expectations.     Focus on the political process, not the outcome;  get excited.

Get out and vote !!!



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