Schiller Park School District 81 Updates School Calendar

schoolSchiller Park School District 81 has issued an update for everyone regarding changes in the school calendar for 2013-2014.   This is the release as follows and can be found at                                                                      :

As of today, District 81 has used 4 out of 5 emergency days that the Illinois State Board of Education requires to be scheduled into the school calendar. If no other emergency days are used this year, the last day of school will be Thursday, May 29th. If one more emergency day is used, we will have used our allocation and the last day of school will be Friday, May 30th.

If we go beyond the 5 emergency days, the District will seek approval for so-called “Act of God” days. These days must be approved by both the Cook County Regional Office of Education and State Superintendent of Education. Once approved, these days are not made up and do not negatively impact the General State Aid granted to School District 81.  If these days are used due to hazardous and weather-related conditions that are a threat to the health and safety of students, they would in all probability be approved. Since the only reason we cancel school is due to the safety of students, our last day of school, regardless of other cancellations, would be no later than May 30th.  It would be safe for School District 81 families to make summer plans after that date.

Please also note that due to using these emergency days, School District 81 will need to change the dates for 8th Grade Graduation, Kindergarten Graduation, and Pre-K Celebration.


  • 8th Grade Graduation: Thursday, May 22nd at East Leyden High School
  • Pre-K Celebration: Thursday, May 22nd at Kennedy School
  • Kindergarten Graduation: Friday, May 23rd at Kennedy School

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