News that I already knew…because I’m a genius

Lady Goo Goo Gaga

I remember my parents watching the evening news and I had no clue what Dan Rather was talking about.  The news was filled with news about foreign countries, wars, and legitimate domestic concerns.

At some point in recent years there’s very little separating TMZ from the Nightly News and its a bit disconcerting.  (Not that I’m complaining because I would pick TMZ over real news any day.)  But still!!!

This week there were a few news items that got top billing that just simply should not be news.

#1 – It’s cold outside.

Really?? History has proven and any Farmer’s Almanac will continue to show that in the “winter” months it gets all “wintery” and cold air blows around and makes the air feel cold.  And then people go out into the cold air and they exclaim “It’s so cold!”

Every. day.

Actually what I hear most often is …

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1 Response to News that I already knew…because I’m a genius

  1. Roy: I love your heading; I also love Chris Matthews (but my friends tell me I’m way too “lefty” for watching him; he went to Holy Cross while I was at the teacher’s college across town)
    At any rate, he is rather abrupt with some guests , but in a kindly way he says “tell me something I don’t know” or he will end by thanking someone” I didn’t know that” If you watch him you will catch him doing it about once a week and I just love it (but I imagine some are offended by his Philly tone/accent when he says it) Thanks for helping me smile today, Roy.


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