Paul Horton: A Message for the Gang of Four about the Cultural Revolution in U.S. Education

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Consider this historical satire. It was written by Paul Horton, who teaches history at the University of Chicago Lab School.


A Modest Proposal for the Gang of Four

(Arne Duncan, Bill Gates, Michelle Rhee, Jeb Bush)

Your plan for defeating the yellow dogs of reaction has not been effective. You need to get serious. Because you know very little about the history of revolutionary progress (Mr. Duncan, you were fed the phrase “Potemkin Village” by someone with a reactionary history degree) you need some motivation. If you cannot make this happen within two years, you will not benefit from a future in the Foundation Politburo, you will not be granted a passport, and you will not be allowed to shop in party stores.


To continue the Cultural Revolution in Education we need to break the spirit of the reactionary teachers who insist that there might be value in…

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