EduShyster on KIPP, Padded Cells, and the Great Test Score Game

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EduShyster notes the convergence of three happenings:

1. The New York Daily News breaks the story of KIPP’s “padded cell” for disruptive children. KIPP officials declare they will continue using the padded cell–actually, a closet with a window–as a “calming” space.

2. Simultaneously, the New York Times writes an editorial praising KIPP for its successful methods in educating black and Hispanic children.

3. A new study from researchers at MIT and other universities concludes that higher scores on standardized tests do not predict the development of “fluid” intelligence, the higher-order thinking needed for the thinkers and innovators of the future.

This is one of EduShyster’s most powerful posts. Humorous, of course, but containing valuable information.

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3 Responses to EduShyster on KIPP, Padded Cells, and the Great Test Score Game

  1. jean sanders says:

    Roy, I commented extensively on edshyster’s site about this Gates funded Gabrieli MIT study. I prefer the study out of Children’s Hospital Boston Psychiatry Department by Deborah Waber .


  2. jean sanders says:

    People who worked on that Gates Funded study are also from Fordham Institute/Education Next and that is the group brining you quotes like “Teachers are pricey” , they are pushing charter schools, and they are attacking pension plans in the states. I would hope the reader looks at this supposed Gabrieli MIT study and will see that there are major influences on the authors to produce something that will be acceptable to Gates and Fordham Institute. I have been writing on their blog for over a year now asking them to stop their teacher bashing at Fordham Institute. How would one know how much Gabrieli was influenced by the funding source??????


  3. jean sanders says:

    Fordham Institute takes every opportunity to bash teachers, union reps like Randi W. in New York and they call Diane Ravitch a “marriage wrecker” and I am one of her “acolytes.” Gabrieli at MIT was influenced in this study just as the Heritage Foundation hired Richwine who then proposed that intelligence is a specific race-linked ability….. we need all of our critical reading skills when this study is eventually made available publicly . I assume Edshyster had a preview copy as I have not found it to be available as yet I am just skeptical based on the last two years of what has been coming out from Fordham Institute and Education Next and Martin West …. I don’t know how they co-opted MIT and BROWN so I will have to continue to seek that out.


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