A Parent Reviews “Reign of Error”

Diane Ravitch's blog

Dienne Anum, a regular commenter on this blog, reviewed “Reign of Error.”

She is a parent of two. As I have often said and written, parents are the sleeping giants. Once they become informed and energized, we are unstoppable in reclaiming our schools and improving education.

Dienne writes:

Reform or Deform?
Diane Ravitch has done it again. Starting where DEATH AND LIFE OF THE GREAT AMERICAN SCHOOL SYSTEM left off, REIGN OF ERROR documents the hoax that is being perpetrated against the American people by corporate privatizers looking to profit off education by convincing Americans that public schools are “failing” and that the only solution is to turn education over to private providers through charter “public” schools, government-paid vouchers for private schools, and/or virtual on-line academies.
But as Diane thoroughly documents, these methods don’t improve education, they only eliminate oversight over public funds. Furthermore – and worse – the privatization…

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