Schneider: CCSS Backlash in 17 States

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Mercedes Schneider has identified 17 states where protests against Common Core standards are heating up, in some cases leading to a slowdown or cancellation of implementation.

She writes:

“Over one-third of the states whose governors and state superintendents signed the CCSS Memorandum of Understanding as part of US Department of Education Race to the Top (RTTT) funding are now percolating with CCSS misgivings.

“That is what happens with top-down reform. The “bottom”– those directly affected by the “top’s” decisions– eventually seethe.”

She provides a description of each state where CCSS is in trouble.

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1 Response to Schneider: CCSS Backlash in 17 States

  1. jean sanders says:

    Thanks for posting this information; I have been writing to the Governor of MA asking that they stop or slow down this process; tests are expensive, experimental and have no predictive validity for anything… Gerwitz at Education Week quote: “A 2012 report by the Center on Education Policy reported that some states were planning to peg high school graduation to PARCC and Smarter Balanced test results. Checking with about a half-dozen recently, I’ve found that number dwindling. That’s in part because some of those states have withdrawn from consortia work or are on the fence about using the consortium tests. But it’s also because they’re more uncertain that it’s wise to condition high school graduation—at least just yet—on meeting the “college-readiness” bar of the new tests.”


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