Irene Moskal-Del Giudice is Vintage Schiller Park

After the Village of Schiller Park Board meeting on October 3, 2013, I had the opportunity to chat with Irene in the Village parking lot for an extended period of time.   During that discussion I came to the realization how fortunate for Schiller Park residents that Irene and her husband chose to settle in Schiller Park in 1957.    She and her husband James Del Giudice have been extensively involved in the community and St. Beatrice parish.   But after James, her husband, passed away in the late 1980’s, Irene continued her civic and parish participation.

Few people realize that it was through Irene Moskal-Del Giudice’s efforts that Washington School became  the first school sound proofed adjacent to O’Hare International Airport.   In fact through her efforts a program was established that has now resulted in 137 schools being sound proofed adjacent to the O”Hare International Airport to date.

Irene Moskal-Del Giudice served as a member of Triton’s Board of Trustees from 1989 thorugh 2013, and a Schiller Park resident since 1957. She also is a former Triton employee and retired from the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office in 2006 after 18 years. In addition to Triton’s Board, Del Giudice was a long-time member of the Schiller Park District 81 School Board, where she was a proponent of sound-proofing the schools, and a Schiller Park trustee.

Irene and I have not always politically agreed and have  been political adversaries at different times in our lives, but we both agree that we care about Schiller Park and its residents and at times have seen solutions through different prisms.

I believe that even those who have disagreed with Irene over the last 50 years consistently agree that she has worked tirelessly for the good of Schiller Park as well as the Triton community.

We all have to agree that Schiller Park is a better place because Irene has participated in the community and worked tirelessly for its residents.

In June of 2013, Irene not resting on her laurels has been elected as the president of the Polish American Congress.

The newly elected president of Polish American Congress has  promised to focus on building ties between newly elected Polish-American officials in Chicago land suburbs and to rebuild prestige on political arena. As well, she encourage participants to invite new candidates in order to build future for Polonia in the land of Lincoln.

The Polish American Congress-Illinois Division is an umbrella organization for many Polish American organizations in Illinois that have thousands of members. They support common objectives of the Polish American Community in Illinois.

Now Irene who could retire and relax sees her continuing mission as working for the good of humanity.

Thank you Irene Moskal-Del Giudice for being who you are………….continue your good works……………don’t be afraid to disagree with anyone of us.

We need to hear your unfiltered concerns and admonishments.


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