Leyden High School SD 212 Refuses to Provide Transportation for a Special Education Student

Many people in the Leyden Township community know that I do alot of work for families of special education students. Due to my advocacy it makes me and my family targets for educators to attack.

Last Spring I was warned that Leyden was going to outplace my son who has an IEP even though he has an 3.71 grade point because of my advocacy. They went ahead and did that with him now placed 23 miles away from his community.

Now to add insult to injury since the outplacement they are with holding transportation as required by the IEP, thus leaving him at home thus de3nying his education and services as outlined in the IEP as well as access to extracurriculars.

When challenged, SD 212 refuses to use the multi million dollar transportation program that the District has developed and they will not utilize the outside 3rd party vendor contract because they say it is too expensive for the transportation even though they outplaced him and they are obligated to provide the transportation per the IEP.

So now my son remains at home being denied access to education while countless administrators are making millions of dollars at SD 212. While SD 212 decided last Spring to provide transportation for sports teams at Norridge SD 80 which is not even a feeder school to SD 212. This Fall they took over the special education transition program from Ridgewood High School and are transporting at taxpayer expense the students to West Leyden.

Leyden SD 212 just spent $6.5 million for the new snack bar at the West Leyden football stadium, but they won’t provide transportation for a disabled student because of cost so he sits at home, requiring me to proceed to take legal action to secure compliance. It is not about the students but about personal vendettas by school administrators.

I am curious if any other parents have transportation in their students’ IEP and Leyden SD 212 is refusing to transport their student ?

You can contact me directly at 708/878-7957


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