Is Leyden High School SD212 a Good Steward of Tax Payer Money ?

So this was just delivered to every Leyden High School parent’s mailbox.

This was clearly written and produced as if there was no pandemic. The information contained in this mailing was irrelevant before they mailed it. Each envelope cost $1.81 to mail.

We should all have a few questions few questions.

  1. How much was spent on the 8 1/2 x 11 magnet that will just be thrown in the garbage by a majority of Leyden Parents?
  2. Why couldn’t it just be posted on their webpage?
  3. How much was the total cost of the mailing ?
  4. Why do an individual mailing with identical duplicate information for each student in the same family ?

This is a complete waste of money!

Everyone has experienced tremendous real estate tax increases in their latest bills, with school districts constituting 65% of the bills.

This mailing didn’t even support the ill conceived now abandoned fantasy reopening of Leyden High School’s; while chaos now reigns as the District attempts to cobble together a total remote learning experience that they had 6 months to plan and failed to effectively use the time.

The District continues to demonstrate bad education management decisions and inept management of taxpayer money.

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