Keep Your Eye on the Bouncing Ball——How many times does Mayor Barbara Piltaver have to be told “NO” on the proposed Schiller Park Sexton Landfill Development ?

  • Sexton NOOn August 6, 2014, the Schiller Park Planning and Zoning Commission voted to recommend a denial of the proposed zoning amendment and text amendment which in effect is a “NO” vote for the proposed development of Schiller Park Sexton Landfill.  This was the second time that this Village Commission voted to oppose the proposed development.   This second denial came after much “arm twisting” of the Commission members by the Mayor who is supporting this proposed development despite the stiff opposition of residents.

The first public hearing resulted in a denial by the Village Commission by a vote of 8-1.  The public hearing on August 6, 2014, saw a 5-4 vote denying the proposed development.

Obviously, Mayor Piltaver’s “arm twisting” had an effect especially with her being the first Mayor in over 50 years to attend a zoning hearing and “star down” the Commission members.

Now, Mayor Piltaver being quite dissatisfied with the outcome of the second vote of the Village Commission has failed to place this matter on the Village Board agenda for consideration by the Village Board of Trustees for the last two Board meetings.

What maneuver is Mayor Piltaver planning to overturn the Schiller Park Zoning and Planning Commission’s denial ?

Will the fact that the fifth “NO” vote on the Village Commission was John Fritz, the brother of Village Trustee Larry Fritz, who has now moved out of town since the vote and obviously will have to resign from the Village Commission?

Will Mayor Piltaver’s next appointment have to pass a “litmus test” as to whether they will support the Schiller Park Sexton Development ?

Would such an appointee be confirmed by the current sitting Village Board of Trustees ?

Would Mayor Barbara Piltaver try to return this Sexton Redevelopment plan for a third time for a vote with her new appointee ?

When will Mayor Barbara Piltaver submit this matter for review by the Village Board of Trustees?

If the Board of Trustees vote to deny the text and zoning amendment, then Sexton could not ask for consideration of this matter for a year.

If the Board of Trustees fails to act on this matter in 90 days since the Village Commission’s hearing it will automatically be denied.

What maneuvers will be pursued by the  Administration to get their way and achieve the development of the Schiller Park Sexton Landfill despite the stiff opposition of the residents ?

Will this issue factor in the April, 2015, muncipal elections in Schiller Park and Franklin Park ?

Everyone needs to pay close attention…….. or someone may sneak it past the residents.

Keep your eye on the bouncing ball…………………………………………………..


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Rex Morioka is Annoyed by this Blog

Annoyed2Clearly, Rex Morioka is annoyed by this blog and has stated as such on various Facebook pages.

So why does this matter ?

Various communications have various purposes and various people take various roles in promoting their thoughts.

Clearly, Schiller Park District 81 has various people promoting the District and its successes in a great variety of methods.

The District has hired a Communications Director at $108,000 per year, who promotes the successes and news of the District to the taxpayers.

Rex Morioka and Jeremy Hargus who are  members of the District Facilities Committee, Diane Caffero, who is a member of the District Finance Committee and Board Members David C. Stachura and Richard Flanagan  utilize all types of social media to promote the District for lack of a better description, with the “Happy News”.

Various parent groups work diligently to promote everyone’s success and get the “message out to the community”.

Rex everyone has a role.

But truly this is not a perfect world and we all need to be realistic.   There are issues that need to have a public dialogue.   We cannot all walk around ignoring the obvious.

My goal in writing this Blog about happenings in the area is to promote a discussion.  I do not represent that I have all of the answers.  I hope collectively the community reaches the correct directions and solutions.

I have written several articles about the need to test for radon at the schools, folks this a concern about the health of all of the wonderful students and employees of the District.   A number of  people have gotten their homes tested in the Schiller Park area and some have discovered radon problems which they have remedied.   Why not afford the same protection to the children and employees of District 81 ?  And lets check for mold while they are  testing.

Clearly, the school rush hour traffic at Lincoln Middle School is complicated by the Bretford truck docks across from the Lincoln Middle School driveway.   After I wrote the article  I received numerous emails and IM’s on Facebook agreeing with the seriousness of the problem.  Many totally supported a solution, but were afraid of repercussions from the District administration if they spoke out.   They were happy I had raised the concerns.

Finally, the recent article on the epinephrine was also in the interests of ensuring the health and safety of the wonderful children and employees of the District.  Ask parents who have experienced allergy reactions if we should ignore the various safeguards available for the children as well as for the staff of the District.

When I studied organization management in my Master’s program, I had a professor who felt that every organization needed an “exorcist”, who could point out the weakness of the organization and promote a discussion on how to make the organization better.   That same professor noted that organizations do a great job on saying what a fantastic job they are doing and promoting the same, but fail to promote their failings and thus “sweep the deficiences under the rug” thereby in the long run doing a disservice to the employees and publics they serve.

Mr. Morioka why would you tell me to stand up and express these issues at a Board meeting, when you and your “clic” have boo’d me and made derogatory comments.   Are you looking for further opportunities to continue your public display ?

Mr. Morioka you and your “clic” have taken every opportunity to obstruct my contact with the elected members of the community, so you want my conversation to be open and transparent, therefore you will need to put with my Blog or just tune it out.

Everyone community needs to pursue a dialogue beyond feeling that the institutions that serve their interests are perfect.  The community can only develop and grow through a collective dialogue to architect a vision and pursue that vision.   Everyone wishes to pursue an ongoing improvement in the quality of life in the community.

I would hope that my Blog would promote that growth through dialogue.

Maybe we all need an “exorcist”.




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Schiller Park School District 81 Needs to Adopt a Policy To Increase Access to Potentially Life-Saving Medicine For Children with Severe Allergies


epipenThe Illinois Public Act 98-0795 that became effective on August 1, 2014, is  designed to make Illinois’ schools safer for students and staff.   The most important part of the law, sponsored in the nate by State Senator Andy Manar (D–Bunker Hill), expanded access to life-saving epinephrine auto-injectors or epi-pens. Epi-pens are used to treat a person in anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction.

Since August of 2011, with the implementation of School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, schools were allowed to stock and utilize epinephrine auto-injectors (often known as “EpiPens”) in the case of life threatening allergic reactions.  Since 2011, District 81 has not afforded the student population the additional protection that this law offered to the children.

“More and more children are being diagnosed with food allergies, with peanuts, eggs, milk, soy, and wheat as the most common triggers,” Manar said. “Ensuring timely access to this life-saving medication can mean the difference between life and death for a child.”

A growing percentage of children in the United States are being diagnosed with food allergies.  Recent studies suggest that one in 13 children are affected by food allergies.  Nearly 40 percent of thechildren with food allergies have a history of severe reaction, and 30 percent are allergic to multiple foods.  The most common food allergen is peanuts, followed by milk and shellfish.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis include difficulty breathing due to swelling and/or spasm in the airways, loss of consciousness, and loss of heartbeat.  Anaphylaxis results in the hospitalization of 300,000 children each year.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, administering an epinephrine auto-injector is the best response to a child having an anaphylactic reaction.

The law now allows trained school employees and volunteers as well as nurses previously approved in 2011 to administer an epi-pen to anyone at the school. The law sets training requirements for school personnel, and with parental consent allows a student to carry and administer their own epi-pen as well as their asthma medication.

Furthermore, this law provides for the administration of undesignated epinephrine auto-injectors (undesignated(owned by the school) by a pupil, school nurse, and trained personnel.

Studies show that 25 percent of first-time allergic reactions among children occur at school. Many schools in Illinois lack a full-time nurse on staff, raising concerns that the life-saving medicine may not be readily available in an emergency.


The law does not mandate that a school carry undesignated epinephrine auto-injectors or train school personnel, but the law simply allows for it.  The stipulates designated personnel must submit to the school’s administration proof of completion of a training curriculum to recognize and respond to anaphylaxis.

The new law also provides liability protection for school districts and employees when an EpiPen injection is administered as did the earlier 2011 legislation for nursing staff

To date, Schiller Park School District 81 has not availed itself of the opportunities for protecting the school children.   I have written today to Dr. Boryszewski, encouraging her to consider recommending to the Board of Education to adopt a policy to implement PA 98-0795 as well as the earlier 2011 legislation  as soon as possible.

I encourage the members of the Board of Education to proceed rapidly with no delay in implementing PA 98-0795 and its 2011 predecessor legislation.    The Board of Education needs to remember that experts say that at least 8 percent of children have some sort of food allergy, which works out to an average of about two per classroom.  And while students with previously diagnosed allergies are expected to carry their own EpiPen or leave one with the nurse, others aren’t aware of their condition until their first reaction.  That’s when having a backup EpiPen at the school can be lifesaving.

Katelyn Carlson, 13, died in 2010, when she had an allergic reaction to the Chinese food she at an after-school party.  The seventh-grader at Edison Regional Gifted Center in Albany Park was allergic to peanuts, of which the Chinese food contained trace amounts.  Even as she entered anaphylactic shock, school officials had little recourse beyond calling 911.

Today, there would be more options.  Under the new law, school nurses or other trained staff can inject an undiagnosed student with an EpiPen if they believe they are experiencing an anaphylactic reaction.  Students with a food allergy diagnosis can carry their own EpiPens and have school officials inject them if they go into shock.

As Chicago Public Schools students return this Fall, each building will be outfitted with EpiPens that a nurse or other trained staff member can use even if a student doesn’t have a previously diagnosed  allergy.  CPS purchased more than 3,700 EpiPens, said Dr. Stephanie Whyte, the district’s chief health officer.  Many suburban districts including Oak Park schools are also stocking the medication, providing reassurance to students and their parents.

Schiller Park School District 81 has not secured EpiPens.  It is very important for schools to have EpiPens available, because of the high number of students with food allergies and the fact that many children suffer their first allergic reaction in school.  Schiller Park School District 81 has failed to act in the best interests of its students since such protections were afforded by State law in 2011.

Now is the time for the Board of Education to consider the drafting and approval of a policy to implement the 2011 and 2014 Illinois laws providing the availability of EpiPens for the safety of the children of Schiller Park School District 81.

This discussion should begin at the Schiller Park School District 81 Policy Review Committee scheduled for Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 5:30 pm

We need to move on this immediately to afford the highest level of protection for our children.



I gave the Superintendent a memo today, and asked for her to pursue the implementation of this legislation for the good of the children of the District

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CPS bans parent Rousemary Vega.

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Movement in Hinsdale D86.

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District 86 Negotiations Moving Forward.

Teachers association and board of education work toward an agreement

HINSDALE, IL. — August 15, 2014 — The teachers of the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association (HHSTA) and the District 86 Board of Education have made progress in working toward a compromise. Using both federal mediation and small group negotiations suggested by Dr. Skoda, the two sides have met on four of the last seven days and have been able to find some common ground on key issues. While important work remains, the negotiators for both the board and the teachers continue to work toward a compromise.

While an agreement has not yet been reached, both sides agree it is in the best interests of students to spend the next few days focused on getting school started. There will be a mediation session on Monday, August 18. Recently, the teachers association stated…

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Woman Claims Six Flags Wouldn’t Let Disabled Boy on Rides: Suit

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Bretford Truck Dock Endangers Lincoln Middle School Child Safety

BretfordDock7This morning at about 8:20 am, at the apex of the time schedule for the arrival of children at Lincoln Middle School, Bretford had an over the road tractor trailer rig trying to access the truck dock immediately across from the Lincoln Middle School driveway entrance.   This truck operator instead of waiting for students to complete their arrival repeatedly attempted to back up his rig to position it in the dock without a spotter on the street jeopardizing the safety of the children arriving by bus, parent cars and as pedestrians during the height of their arrival.    Once he completed all of his backing maneuvers which entailed utilizing the entire street as well as repeated incursions into the LMS parking lot driveway, his tractor then blocked half of the street at the LMS driveway entrance as well as blocking visibility for those vehicles and buses accessing the LMS parking and arrival facilities.

Beyond the fact that this entire mess clearly depicts poor planning by the District in the construction of the $24,000,000 Lincoln Middle School in the middle of a dangerous traffic condition adjacent to industrial facilities with truck docks, now the District administration is doing a poor job managing a bad situation.

Clearly, Bretford should have a spotter in the street in the morning directing the oversize tractor trailer combinations into the docks, or better yet Bretford should consider suspending the arrival and departure of tractor trailers at their docks adjacent to LMS between 7:15 am and 8:45 am and again between 3:15 PM and 4:00 PM for the safety of the children.

If Bretford cannot demonstrate a committment to safety and the Schiller Park School District 81 Administration is incapable of working with Bretford to implement a safety plan then the Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education and the Schiller Park Police Department needs to perform an intervention before this community faces a tragedy.

This type of problem should be brought to the Village of Schiller Park Board Meeting and the Schiller Park School District 81 Board meeting and the petty bickering should end;   these types of endangerment need to be focused upon.

These serious unsafe traffic conditions are occurring right outside the windows of the Schiller Park School District 81 Superintendent and the Administrative staff of Lincoln Middle School;  how can they be so callous to ignore such child and parental  endangerment ?

The Schiller Park Board of Education and the Schiller Park Police Department needs to “man up” and focus on solutions before a tragedy occurs.

Maybe the Village can start by regulating  the operations by utilizing the ability to control driveway permits as per their ordinance.

It is totally unsafe and down right dangerous to be backing up oversize tractor trailers with no “spotters” in the rear of the rigs in the heavy traffic of the arrival and departure of the school children, as well as then blocking an entire lane of traffic once the oversize rig is parked in the dock.  Clearly visibility is dangerously obstructed right at the LMS parking lot entrance.

Let’s end the “finger pointing” and implement a solution for the safety of the parents and children of Lincoln Middle School.

The pictures tell it all, as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”…………….

BretfordDock8 BretfordDock18BretfordDock3 BretfordDock14 BretfordDock15



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Northwestern Athletics Welcomes Families Managing Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies

Originally posted on FARE Blog:

Polisky_MikeA food allergy dad got the ball rolling with a phone call and one request: could Northwestern consider having a nut-free game so that his son could attend a game? Northwestern decided to not only grant this one request, but to do something that hasn’t been attempted by a college athletics program to date: go peanut and tree nut free for many games in multiple sports during the year, offering students and fans with nut allergies plenty of opportunities to attend a game and cheer on the Wildcats.

To learn more about what it took to go nut-free at Northwestern, FARE interviewed Mike Polisky, Deputy Director of Athletics – External Affairs at Northwestern Athletics. Download this flyer to view the game schedule..

1. Why did Northwestern decide to go “all in” this season?

It all started with a simple phone call last year. We were contacted by the father…

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So Mr. Jeremy Hargus You Got It All Wrong, But Thanks For Making This Public ……District 81 sent over 500 Emails to the McCampbell’s to which they had to respond….not the other way around.

email-overloadA number of months ago the FOIA’ing of the McCampbell emails to District 81 by Mr. Jeremy Hargus  was quite a hot topic and I wrote about the same in a blog article “So How Much Trouble Did Mr Jeremy Hargus Cause Schiller Park School District 81 with His FOIA”.   Schiller Park School District 81  turned over more than 700 pages to Mr. Hargus which were solely related to the McCampbell family’s children that are enrolled in the District.   It has been and remains quite shocking to us as well as it should be to every other parent of the District  that a resident of the community and a parent of children in the District would make such a request to pursue a review about some other family’s children’s academic and medical issues.

The question remains,  “what other family will be the subject of Mr. Hargus’ curiosity and the target of his investigative prowess as this school year begins”  ?

Mr. Hargus’ FOIA request that was submitted to the District on January 24, 2014, by email was as follows :

“I am submitting a FOIA request for all Emails to any employee, (teacher, administrator, and school board members) of School District 81 from Roy F. McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite from August 1st 2013 to January 24th 2014.  Thank you in advance.      Jeremy J. Hargus”

It is quite curious how Mr. Hargus got the specific dates for the request unless he had inside information as to the dates that he was requesting.   It is further even more fascinating that Mr. Hargus requested the Emails “from” and did not ask for “to Roy McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite”, because if he was only counting emails as he contends that he was,  then he would have gotten an answer that could and does prove quite embarrasing for District 81.

Why you may ask ?

In an effort to resolve this out of the public eye with Mr. Hargus, I asked that he consider sitting down with my wife and I to discuss his concerns and provide him with a more global understanding of the issues.   Thus far after several months he has chosen not to sit down and discuss this matter in a productive manner.

Mr. Hargus has perpetuated inaccurate information alleging that we had initiated a vast number of emails when in fact this vast number of emails was initiated by the District administration and staff, many of which were necessary for the effective communication of the District to our family.

The frank reality is contained in the “document log” that was prepared by the Schiller Park School District 81’s  law firm of “Scariano, Hymes and Petrarca” at a great expense to the Schiller Park School District 81 taxpayers when the District had to respond to the Illinois State Board of Education’s inquiry into their releasing in the in excess of 700 pages of documents released by the District to Mr. Hargus.

This document log can be found at this link:SchillerParkDist81ResponseToFOIAcomplaintISBEdocumentLogGroupEx

What a review of this document log reveals is clearly, is that over 70% of the emails sent by Roy McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite were in fact responses to emails received from the District staff and administrators NOT initiated by the parents BUT DIRECTED AT THE PARENTS.    These emails normally required a response.    Therefore IT IS TRULY ASTOUNDING that the District administrators and staff BOMBARDED the parents with emails NOT the other way around.

SO Mr. Hargus’ request was designed (very cleverly at that ) to try and shed the worst possible light upon the parents and distract from what was actually being done by the District.    This clearly can only lead to a singular conclusion that Mr. Hargus was being directed by District administrators to submit such a request which they then went about diligently fulfilling.

So Mr. Hargus if you are truly concerned your issue  should be “why would the District 81 administrators and staff ” send over 500 emails to a family in the District, forcing them to have to constantly respond or was there a need that the District saw that it was important to communicate with the family that aggressively ?  

A prevalent email response from the McCampbell’s was “thankyou”.

So Mr. Hargus,  “is the Schiller Park School District 81 family you are targeting for  the 2014-2015 school year still the “McCampbell family” or do you have a new family to target in this upcoming school year” ?

What family should be anticipating your focus for the upcoming school year ?

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UpDate on O’Hare Noise Issues

FYI: This is information from the Mayor of Norridge on a meeting that was recently attended by some area mayors over the airplane noise issues. I have not heard any updates in Schiller Park so here is information via Norridge.

Hello, this is Mayor Jim Chmura and I am calling to give you an update on the airplane noise issue:
On Monday, July 28th, Congressman Mike Quigley met with suburban Mayors to find some common ground in finding a solution to the increased noise at O’Hare Airport.
Some of the items that were discussed were:
Conduct new environmental impact studies and hold new public hearings;
Try to get more residents to qualify for sound insulation
Expand the voluntary fly quiet program and the fair distribution of runaway usage
Require the FAA to force the airlines to develop quieter engines
Install more noise monitors to obtain more accurate information
Last week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) will work with the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) to acquire and install eight additional permanent airport noise monitors in City neighborhoods and suburban communities near O’Hare International Airport. To read the complete article, please go to our website
I encourage you to continue calling the City of Chicago Noise Complaint Hotline at 1-800-435-9569 or register your complaints
Thank you and have a nice evening.

Official information site for the Village of Norridge, Illinois, USA.
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