CPS bans parent Rousemary Vega.

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Movement in Hinsdale D86.

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District 86 Negotiations Moving Forward.

Teachers association and board of education work toward an agreement

HINSDALE, IL. — August 15, 2014 — The teachers of the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association (HHSTA) and the District 86 Board of Education have made progress in working toward a compromise. Using both federal mediation and small group negotiations suggested by Dr. Skoda, the two sides have met on four of the last seven days and have been able to find some common ground on key issues. While important work remains, the negotiators for both the board and the teachers continue to work toward a compromise.

While an agreement has not yet been reached, both sides agree it is in the best interests of students to spend the next few days focused on getting school started. There will be a mediation session on Monday, August 18. Recently, the teachers association stated…

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Woman Claims Six Flags Wouldn’t Let Disabled Boy on Rides: Suit


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Bretford Truck Dock Endangers Lincoln Middle School Child Safety

BretfordDock7This morning at about 8:20 am, at the apex of the time schedule for the arrival of children at Lincoln Middle School, Bretford had an over the road tractor trailer rig trying to access the truck dock immediately across from the Lincoln Middle School driveway entrance.   This truck operator instead of waiting for students to complete their arrival repeatedly attempted to back up his rig to position it in the dock without a spotter on the street jeopardizing the safety of the children arriving by bus, parent cars and as pedestrians during the height of their arrival.    Once he completed all of his backing maneuvers which entailed utilizing the entire street as well as repeated incursions into the LMS parking lot driveway, his tractor then blocked half of the street at the LMS driveway entrance as well as blocking visibility for those vehicles and buses accessing the LMS parking and arrival facilities.

Beyond the fact that this entire mess clearly depicts poor planning by the District in the construction of the $24,000,000 Lincoln Middle School in the middle of a dangerous traffic condition adjacent to industrial facilities with truck docks, now the District administration is doing a poor job managing a bad situation.

Clearly, Bretford should have a spotter in the street in the morning directing the oversize tractor trailer combinations into the docks, or better yet Bretford should consider suspending the arrival and departure of tractor trailers at their docks adjacent to LMS between 7:15 am and 8:45 am and again between 3:15 PM and 4:00 PM for the safety of the children.

If Bretford cannot demonstrate a committment to safety and the Schiller Park School District 81 Administration is incapable of working with Bretford to implement a safety plan then the Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education and the Schiller Park Police Department needs to perform an intervention before this community faces a tragedy.

This type of problem should be brought to the Village of Schiller Park Board Meeting and the Schiller Park School District 81 Board meeting and the petty bickering should end;   these types of endangerment need to be focused upon.

These serious unsafe traffic conditions are occurring right outside the windows of the Schiller Park School District 81 Superintendent and the Administrative staff of Lincoln Middle School;  how can they be so callous to ignore such child and parental  endangerment ?

The Schiller Park Board of Education and the Schiller Park Police Department needs to “man up” and focus on solutions before a tragedy occurs.

Maybe the Village can start by regulating  the operations by utilizing the ability to control driveway permits as per their ordinance.

It is totally unsafe and down right dangerous to be backing up oversize tractor trailers with no “spotters” in the rear of the rigs in the heavy traffic of the arrival and departure of the school children, as well as then blocking an entire lane of traffic once the oversize rig is parked in the dock.  Clearly visibility is dangerously obstructed right at the LMS parking lot entrance.

Let’s end the “finger pointing” and implement a solution for the safety of the parents and children of Lincoln Middle School.

The pictures tell it all, as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”…………….

BretfordDock8 BretfordDock18BretfordDock3 BretfordDock14 BretfordDock15



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Northwestern Athletics Welcomes Families Managing Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies

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Polisky_MikeA food allergy dad got the ball rolling with a phone call and one request: could Northwestern consider having a nut-free game so that his son could attend a game? Northwestern decided to not only grant this one request, but to do something that hasn’t been attempted by a college athletics program to date: go peanut and tree nut free for many games in multiple sports during the year, offering students and fans with nut allergies plenty of opportunities to attend a game and cheer on the Wildcats.

To learn more about what it took to go nut-free at Northwestern, FARE interviewed Mike Polisky, Deputy Director of Athletics – External Affairs at Northwestern Athletics. Download this flyer to view the game schedule..

1. Why did Northwestern decide to go “all in” this season?

It all started with a simple phone call last year. We were contacted by the father…

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So Mr. Jeremy Hargus You Got It All Wrong, But Thanks For Making This Public ……District 81 sent over 500 Emails to the McCampbell’s to which they had to respond….not the other way around.

email-overloadA number of months ago the FOIA’ing of the McCampbell emails to District 81 by Mr. Jeremy Hargus  was quite a hot topic and I wrote about the same in a blog article “So How Much Trouble Did Mr Jeremy Hargus Cause Schiller Park School District 81 with His FOIA”.   Schiller Park School District 81  turned over more than 700 pages to Mr. Hargus which were solely related to the McCampbell family’s children that are enrolled in the District.   It has been and remains quite shocking to us as well as it should be to every other parent of the District  that a resident of the community and a parent of children in the District would make such a request to pursue a review about some other family’s children’s academic and medical issues.

The question remains,  “what other family will be the subject of Mr. Hargus’ curiosity and the target of his investigative prowess as this school year begins”  ?

Mr. Hargus’ FOIA request that was submitted to the District on January 24, 2014, by email was as follows :

“I am submitting a FOIA request for all Emails to any employee, (teacher, administrator, and school board members) of School District 81 from Roy F. McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite from August 1st 2013 to January 24th 2014.  Thank you in advance.      Jeremy J. Hargus”

It is quite curious how Mr. Hargus got the specific dates for the request unless he had inside information as to the dates that he was requesting.   It is further even more fascinating that Mr. Hargus requested the Emails “from” and did not ask for “to Roy McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite”, because if he was only counting emails as he contends that he was,  then he would have gotten an answer that could and does prove quite embarrasing for District 81.

Why you may ask ?

In an effort to resolve this out of the public eye with Mr. Hargus, I asked that he consider sitting down with my wife and I to discuss his concerns and provide him with a more global understanding of the issues.   Thus far after several months he has chosen not to sit down and discuss this matter in a productive manner.

Mr. Hargus has perpetuated inaccurate information alleging that we had initiated a vast number of emails when in fact this vast number of emails was initiated by the District administration and staff, many of which were necessary for the effective communication of the District to our family.

The frank reality is contained in the “document log” that was prepared by the Schiller Park School District 81’s  law firm of “Scariano, Hymes and Petrarca” at a great expense to the Schiller Park School District 81 taxpayers when the District had to respond to the Illinois State Board of Education’s inquiry into their releasing in the in excess of 700 pages of documents released by the District to Mr. Hargus.

This document log can be found at this link:SchillerParkDist81ResponseToFOIAcomplaintISBEdocumentLogGroupEx

What a review of this document log reveals is clearly, is that over 70% of the emails sent by Roy McCampbell and Mary Jane Goldthwaite were in fact responses to emails received from the District staff and administrators NOT initiated by the parents BUT DIRECTED AT THE PARENTS.    These emails normally required a response.    Therefore IT IS TRULY ASTOUNDING that the District administrators and staff BOMBARDED the parents with emails NOT the other way around.

SO Mr. Hargus’ request was designed (very cleverly at that ) to try and shed the worst possible light upon the parents and distract from what was actually being done by the District.    This clearly can only lead to a singular conclusion that Mr. Hargus was being directed by District administrators to submit such a request which they then went about diligently fulfilling.

So Mr. Hargus if you are truly concerned your issue  should be “why would the District 81 administrators and staff ” send over 500 emails to a family in the District, forcing them to have to constantly respond or was there a need that the District saw that it was important to communicate with the family that aggressively ?  

A prevalent email response from the McCampbell’s was “thankyou”.

So Mr. Hargus,  “is the Schiller Park School District 81 family you are targeting for  the 2014-2015 school year still the “McCampbell family” or do you have a new family to target in this upcoming school year” ?

What family should be anticipating your focus for the upcoming school year ?

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UpDate on O’Hare Noise Issues

FYI: This is information from the Mayor of Norridge on a meeting that was recently attended by some area mayors over the airplane noise issues. I have not heard any updates in Schiller Park so here is information via Norridge.

Hello, this is Mayor Jim Chmura and I am calling to give you an update on the airplane noise issue:
On Monday, July 28th, Congressman Mike Quigley met with suburban Mayors to find some common ground in finding a solution to the increased noise at O’Hare Airport.
Some of the items that were discussed were:
Conduct new environmental impact studies and hold new public hearings;
Try to get more residents to qualify for sound insulation
Expand the voluntary fly quiet program and the fair distribution of runaway usage
Require the FAA to force the airlines to develop quieter engines
Install more noise monitors to obtain more accurate information
Last week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) will work with the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) to acquire and install eight additional permanent airport noise monitors in City neighborhoods and suburban communities near O’Hare International Airport. To read the complete article, please go to our website www.villageofnorridge.com.
I encourage you to continue calling the City of Chicago Noise Complaint Hotline at 1-800-435-9569 or register your complaints atwww.flychicago.com.
Thank you and have a nice evening.

Official information site for the Village of Norridge, Illinois, USA.
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Life with Jacqueline


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Schiller Park Is Scheduling An Information Meeting on Schiller Park Sexton Landfill for Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 7:30 pm at the Village of Schiller Park Village Hall

SchillerParkGovMeetingAgenda07292014The Village of Schiller Park is convening a meeting for information on the environmental conditions and development of Schiller Park Sexton Landfill.  This meeting is for the members of the Village Board as well as the members of the Schiller Park Zoning and Planning Commission to hear a presentation from the Sexton Company.  The public has a right to attend and hear what is being presented.   This meeting is on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, at 7:30 pm in the Schiller Park Board Room, 2nd floor at 9526 West Irving Park Road.  Everyone concerned resident should attend.

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Start the Weekend Out in Schiller Park on Friday Night, July 25th, 2014 with the “Scraps of Brass” at The Clock Tower/Gazebo

Scraps of BrassStart the weekend out in Schiller Park on Friday Night, July 25th, 2014.

FREE! FREE! FREE! Outdoor concert with Scraps of Brass! The Village’s well received series of free concerts at Clocktower Park is returning for another season of good music and family fun this coming summer. These family friendly events are always fun and you can’t beat the price – they’re free! Attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn chair or a blanket for seating, oh and don’t forget to bring bug spray

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