Mr. Jeremy Hargus, The Self Proclaimed Vigilante

SchillerParkDistrict81HargusReceiptFOIA01242014Mr. Hargus wants the parents of Schiller Park School District 81 to believe as he  proclaims on Facebook that he filed a FOIA on  January 24, 2014, and paid a fee of $97.00 (actually it was $97.95) to “do with assisting in establishment of a pattern of what is in my opinion harassment of the staff of this district”. See the earlier article that I wrote about this adventure of Mr. Hargus

So who appointed and made Mr. Hargus responsible to establish a pattern of the harassment of the staff of this district ?

What was Mr. Hargus proposing to do to another family who had two children with special needs if he “established the pattern” ?    

Clearly, the Superintendent and the other administrators are responsible for the operation of Schiller Park School District 81 NOT Mr. Hargus.

So let’s look at the facts:

FACT:  Mr. Hargus’ request required 41.5 hours of Schiller Park School District 81 staff time to fulfill;  which severely imposed on Principals and special education staff to assemble the information.

FACT:   Mr. Hargus paid Schiller Park School District 81 $97.95 to receive the documents.

FACT:  Mr. Hargus received 703 pages of documents concerning my family and their health and education issues.


FACT:   Mr. Hargus asked for documents related to very specific dates. (How did he know to ask for those dates ?)

FACT:   One of our two children have been outplaced by the District to a therapeutic day school and do not attend the District schools. Thus no contact with District special education staff.

FACT:  My other son who is at the District does not receive an physical therapy services or occupational therapy services.  Thus very limited contact with special education staff.

FACT:  When the therapuetic day school became aware of Mr. Hargus’ conduct they called the Chicago Police to make a police report and increase security for the safety of our child at the school

FACT:   This situation disrupted an IEP meeting for our son for almost an hour at the therapeutic day school while the CPD sorted out the matter.

FACT:   Our family received over 500 emails from the District which resulted in our need to respond………….a point missed in this Mr. Hargus’s statement BUT noted in a prior article

FACT:  Special Education law clearly prohibits dilution of services to one child because of the needs of other special education children in the District, so therefore Mr. Hargus’ assertion is not reality.

FACT:  Mr. Hargus vigilante actions cost Schiller Park School District almost $10,000.00 in legal fees

FACT:   After an investigation by the Illinois State Board of Education, ISBE found that the District was not properly protecting and regulating access to special education records.   In fact the District has to now keep logs on who accesses the records and the staff had to undergo training in how to manage the special education records.

FACT:   Mr. Hargus did not reach any of his conclusions on his own, because to reach those conclusions that he was alleging such as that the “McCampbell family was harassing staff  ( which is not true)  through email he would have needed “insider information” .

FACT:   Mr. Hargus files a FOIA in January, causing the Administration to embargo ALL COMMUNICATION by staff with the McCampbell family virtually preventing any communication between parent and staff, and then Mr. Hargus concludes that this leads to resignations by special education staff in May.   What an unfortunate conclusion Mr. Hargus.

Here is my hypothesis Mr. Hargus :   Is it not possible that your conduct and the resulting disruption of the McCampbell’s relationship with the dedicated special education staff was so revolting to that staff they resigned in disgust ?   

A Persisting Question:   Who with a private agenda to attack the McCampbell family convinced Mr. Hargus that he needed to attempt to “establish a pattern” or was this a private delusional determination by Mr. Hargus  ?

Under either theory who violated the “right to privacy of the McCampbell family” by making untruthful,  inappropriate and improper disclosures to Mr. Hargus ?

Was it special education staff ?

Was it a Principal(s) ?

Was it Dr. Kim Boryszewski ?

Mr. Hargus your conduct has been  that of a vigilante ( one who is self-appointed citizen in the community who undertakes actions to right a perceived wrong without legal authority).

What should be quite concerning to every parent in District 81 is what family or parent will be the next target of Mr. Hargus’  self righteous vigilante conduct  ?

Mr. Jeremy Hargus’ conduct should terrify every parent in the community, as well as raise concerns by the staff.

Mr. Hargus is now on the District 81 Facility Committee, what “vigilante conduct” will Mr. Hargus pursue with the information he gleans from his participation in these meetings ?

Mr. Hargus participates in the ABC Parents group, who will be a target of Mr. Hargus’ vigilante activities in that group ?

The ABC Parent group should repudiate your vigilante activities and clearly take a stand opposing such tactics being used against a fellow parent.   Clearly, your conduct Mr. Hargus is neither child friendly or parent friendly.   Every member of that organization should be repulsed by your vigilante conduct which you have admitted to in social media.

Mr. Hargus, your vigilante activities have “all to do with our children”, and for you to state otherwise is self serving and you are deluding yourself and those who believe you.

NOW, the Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education, needs to step up and take steps to protect all of the children and the families of the District from your vigilante activities.  It is not just what Mr. Hargus asked for or got, but more importantly how my family and children were targeted by Mr. Hargus, it is the Administration leak itself that should be of serious concern.

The Board of Education needs to determine who violated the law and provided you with misinformation.   They need to determine the specific intentions of the parties that feed you this information.   After they make their determination they need to implement the proper discipline including but not limited to termination.   This should be pursued to the highest level of the Administration, even if it includes the Superintendent.





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Schiller Park Recreation Board Follies Update

SchillerParkRecreationPayrollSheets2010-2013At last night’s Schiller Park School District 81 Board Meeting, I discussed with Trustee Gorzynski my article regarding the paying of Recreation Board members.   She asked me to revisit my article with new information that she brought to my attention.   Therefore, I am revisiting my remarks.    First and foremost, she advised me that her husband Robert A. Gorzynski resigned after the election from the Board rather than not being reappointed by Mayor Piltaver.  Secondly, she advised me that the pay was $1200 a year.   Based upon that revelation then her husband did not receive $100,000 during his tenure on the Board but rather $25,000.00. So then the taxpayers have paid Recreation Board members in 20 years $175,000.00.  Still a nice sum to have been reinvested in Recreation capital projects for Schiller Park residents.

Regardless of the amount the original premise does not change:

Why are we paying Recreation Board members when the rest of the communities in the State of Illinois do not pay their Park District or Recreation Board Members ?

Here are the payroll records for the Schiller Park Recreation Board members for the period of 2010-2013 :   SchillerParkRecreationBoardPayrollSheets2010-2013

The community should judge for themselves.

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Schiller Park Recreation Board Follies

wpid-20140917_101720.jpgSchiller Park Recreation Board Meeting was cancelled last night “due to lack of a quorum”.   This revelation is a bit a amazing;  this Board has 7 members.   That means that 4 members failed to attend the meeting.  When I arrived at the meeting room at 5:54 pm this notice was posted on the door.  Clearly, this lack of a quorum was known earlier in the day.   So why was it not posted earlier on the website.

But these developments caused me to ponder several issues swirling around this Board.

More than 2,100 citizens serve on Illinois park district and recreation boards.  Without pay, these men and women represent their fellow citizens and interpret their views.   EXCEPT IN SCHILLER PARK where the 7 Board members each get paid almost $5,000 per year to attend one meeting a month.

Keep in mind even if the Schiller Park Recreation Board members miss a meeting they still get paid.

This was not a decision of the current Mayor, Barbara Piltaver, but the past Mayor, Anna Montana and her Board of Trustees ( which include many Board members such as Kitch Gorzynski, Larry Fritz, and Richard Desecki).   Over 20 years ago, they adopted an ordinance to pay Schiller Park Recreation Board members almost $5,000 per year to attend one meeting a month (sometimes they do not show up) making them the only 7 Board members out of over 2100 in the State of Illinois who are paid, and paid well.

In fact, over the last 20 years the Village has paid  salaries to Recreation Board members in excess of $700,000.   During that same period of time, the Village paid for example, Trustee Kitch Gorzynksi’s husband over $100,000 to be a member of the Schiller Park Recreation Board.    Mayor Piltaver choose not to reappoint Trustee Gorzynski’s husband and instead appointed an employee of her newspaper, the Leyden Township “People and Places”.

What the residents need to remember is that this Recreation Board is not a Park District Board and as such only acts as an advisory board to the Village Board of Schiller Park.  This Recreation Board members are appointed by the Mayor and not even elected by the residents.   That is an awful lot of money to be paying an advisory board in Schiller Park.    Keep in mind, that the Schiller Park Library Board and Schiller Park School District 81 are unpaid positions.   That the members of the Village of Schiller Park Zoning and Planning Commission receive only a nominal stipend that they must be inattendance to receive.

To further understand this dilemma, the elected members of the Park District of Franklin Park,  Rosemont Park District, Park Ridge Park District, Bensenville Park District, Veterans Park District, etc.,  DO NOT RECEIVE ANY COMPENSATION.

The Recreation Boards in Harwood Heights, River Grove, and Elmwood Park, DO NOT RECEIVE COMPENSATION.

So why do political appointees of the Mayor to the Schiller Park Recreation Board continue to receive compensation ?

Can you imagine how much better our recreation facilities would be if in EXCESS of $700,000 had been used for infractructure improvements to the recreation facilities ?

Mayor Piltaver needs to keep her campaign promises and  take a true leadership role.   The first step would be to eliminate the salaries of Recreation Board members and reinvest the $35,000 per year in the Schiller Park Recreation Program.

The members of  the Schiller Park Recreation Board should be community leaders who have accepted a major civic responsibility without pay.   They should be willing to make a commitment to give freely of their time and talents to help strengthen and further the park, recreation and conservation mission. As a board member, they should take responsibility for helping to set the goals, formulate policies and establish services that will meet the present and future needs of the citizens of Schiller Park.

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Why are the Politicians Attacking a Schiller Park Icon ?

IreneDelgiudiceIrene DelGuidice hired a landscaper to trim the bushes back and cooperate fully with the Schiller Park  Inspectional Services Department.

She requested that the Village come out and direct the landscaper as to how much they wanted removed from the trees.

Yet when a representative of the Village arrived, he advised her that she needed to have all of her bushes removed.

This situation has seriously begun to impair the health of Irene.    When Irene attended the Village of Schiller Park Town Hall meeting her blood pressure became very elevated and the paramedics were required on the scene.

Every time that Irene attempts to cooperate,  the politicial appointees up the ante.   Clearly Irene is facing a political persecution.

Maybe the Village should put more effort into bringing slum property throughout the Village into compliance;   and leave a senior citizen alone, who is clearly maintaining her property.

Just because Irene has called into question her neighbor,  Mayor Piltaver’s political value system, should not make her a target by Village inspectors.

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Lincoln Middle School Crosswalk Needs Serious Repair Work


The crosswalk at Seymour and 25th has been in disrepair for 8 months, since a water main break.     The crossing guard and the LMS students have to dodge this large canyon daily which is in the middle of the crosswalk whose markings have been obliterated.  The blacktop has fallen in from the weather,  presenting a serious tripping hazard for all persons using the crossing daily.
Why hasn’t the Superintendent of District 81 demanded that this crosswalk be properly  repaired for student safety ?

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So To What Depths Has Politics Sunk In Schiller Park ?

wpid-20140911_142327.jpgNow the elected and appointed officials of Schiller Park are hauling Irene Moskal Delgiudice in front of a hearing officer over her bushes !


Is this merely a neighbor-neighbor dispute with her neighbor, Mayor Barbara Piltaver,  or with her neighbor to the north ?

Irene has a beautifully landscaped and maintained home, so what is the problem ?

She has had the bushes trimmed and manicured, now the Village wants them dug out ?

What ordinance is Irene violating after all of the years that the bushes have been in place ?

Is it because Irene has opposed the legalizing of gambling in Schiller Park ?IreneDelgiudice

Is it because Irene has opposed the political administration’s proposed development plans of Schiller Park Sexton landfill ?

Is it because Irene has questioned the sincerity of the currently elected political administration of Schiller Park to look out for the best interests of the residents of Schiller Park ?

Is this what happens when someone exercises their First Amendment rights and promotes a discussion of the issues in the Village of Schiller Park ?

Irene has been a resident of Schiller Park since 1957.   Irene has been an elected member and President of Schiller Park School District Board of Education, a 24 year elected Trustee of Triton College and an elected Trustee to the Village of Schiller Park.  During all of this time Irene has become known as an honest defender of the interests of the residents of Schiller Park.  Irene has been highly respected by all parties of different political ilks.

But now she has raised questions regarding the current direction of the politics in the Village of Schiller Park and the intentions of people she had at one time supported;  so therefore  now she has become the focus of the harassment by those whom control the levers of power.

Is this a message meant for all those who wish to speak their mind regarding government in Schiller Park or just aimed at an 80 year political icon beloved by many of the residents of Schiller Park who has become the political conscious of the Village ?

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Candidates’ Briefing for the School Board Election in April 2015, Presented by the Illinois Association of School Boards

school board election2CANDIDATES’ BRIEFING
Monday, September 29, 2014 • 5:00 p.m.
The Elmcrest • 7370 West Grand Avenue, Elmwood Park, IL 60707

Know anyone interested in candidacy for the
April 2015 Illinois School Board Election?
Invite prospective school board candidates to IASB’s complimentary/free “Candidates’
Briefing” on September 29, 2014 prior to the West Cook Division dinner meeting. Current
school board members and/or superintendents are welcome to attend the briefing as well.
Prospective school board candidates are invited
to stay for the West Cook Division dinner meeting.
(Separate registration and fee required.)
Please contact Kim Munch at (630) 629-3776 ext. 1221 or at with any questions related to this event.

It has been the past practice that Schiller Park School District 81 has asked prospective candidates to attend and the District has paid for the prospective candidates to stay and have dinner after the briefing to hear and share in the information provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards.   Hopefully, the District will adhere to their past practices and encourage the residents who are prospective candidates to attend.  The District should be contacted and asked to assist in registering for the event.

It should be noted that for some unknown reason on the Schiller Park School District 81 website this date for the briefing is shown as August 29, 2014, which is incorrect and misleading.


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Bev Johns. NCLB required all students to be proficient on state tests by 2014.

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:

- Bev Johns is a Special Education advocate and activist and has contributed frequently to this blog.

NCLB required all students to be proficient on State tests by 2014.

Failure of the public schools to reach that goal has been widely viewed as the failure of public education, requiring movement to charter schools and even increasing the talk of vouchers in the name of choice. Failure of the public schools to reach that goal has been widely viewed as the failure of public education, requiring movement to charter schools and even increasing the talk of vouchers in the name of choice.

Now Arne Duncan seeks to require ALL students with disabilities to demonstrate proficiency or advanced mastery of challenging subject matter on the NAEP tests?

As this is impossible (students without disabilities do not come close to doing it and are making very little progress toward meeting that goal), what will be the impact on special ed?

Special education will be…

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State school funding. Reduce the size of the pie. Slice it into smaller pieces.

Originally posted on Fred Klonsky:


Illinois school funding is a cruel joke.

Since we already rank at the bottom in state school funding, the burden falls on local districts to raise money locally.

Rich school districts do fine.

Poor ones, not so much.

To fix the situation, several things are required. Reliance on local property taxes to fund schools must change. State revenue must increase with a tax system that doesn’t punish working families and demands more from those that have more.

So what is the Democratic controlled legislature doing?

They have refused to extend the 5% income tax. That means less revenue.

They have refused to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to create a graduated, progressive income tax.

Their solution.

Sen. Andy Manar, a Democrat from Bunker Hill has proposed a bill that will redivide the smaller revenue pie.

His bill, passed by the Illinois Senate, would move money from wealthier districts to…

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Here’s what parents should know about respiratory virus EV-D68

Originally posted on WGN-TV:

[ooyala code="hkcG42cDry2bNjTERxBNzNS1GjYXalkr" player_id="4441ed2a84e74b66b60ce980f20deb84"]

(CNN) — A respiratory virus that has sent hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri is causing alarm across the Midwest and beyond.

Ten states have contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for help investigating clusters of the virus that’s being blamed for the illness.

Health officials say they’re still figuring out what’s going on.

The bug that appears to be causing most of the concern has a typically arcane name — Enterovirus EV-D68 — but many of its symptoms are very common.

Here’s what you need to know about the virus.

What are enteroviruses?

Enteroviruses, which bring on symptoms like a very intense cold, aren’t unusual. They’re actually very common.

When you have a bad summer cold, often what you have is an enterovirus, said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Viral Diseases.


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